Microsoft to mobile developers: Your app is worth more than 99¢

Todd Bishop of TechFlash writes:

"In Redmond today, Microsoft is holding the first in a series of "dev camps" for mobile application developers, gearing up for the launch of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile this fall, attempting to challenge the Apple App Store for iPhone. One of the Redmond company's messages for the developers: Don't be shy when it comes to pricing a premium app.

"It's up to you play your pricing, but we would definitely want to promote that you make more money selling applications than selling your application in a dollar store," said Loke Uei of Microsoft's Mobile Developer Experience Team, explaining why the company will use revenue, not download volume, to determine the winner in the paid category of its Race to Market Challenge. "I know, 99 cents is interesting -- yes, consumers like to pay 99 cents for applications. But 99 cents, come on, I think your app is worth more than that.""

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Raoh3560d ago

Yeah, Good ole microsoft always thinking about their customer base..

microsoft is desperate to steal iphone developers..

if this doesnt work they'll probably have developers families kidnapped and held for ransom next..

this is why i'm a microsoft hater and why i'm anti 360, its not about ps3 competition is the embracce of these types of tactics brought into gaming..

now we have activision raising prices for games, now microsoft want 99 cent apps to go to $4.99?

enter Microsoft Defense Force in 5..4...3...2........