Simpsons Game Countdown Site Revealed

Electronic Arts has put up a countdown site which just screams "The Simpsons". Also, within the page's source code, it mentions "The Simpsons: The Game". Check it out.

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T-Virus4487d ago

is totally taking the piss out of the GTA:IV countdown.


Bigmac5734487d ago

Haven't played a good Simpsons game since SNES

OneBubbleBastard4487d ago

Common no more crappy simpson's game.. we had it..

That's like Bungie releasing a Halo 4.. COMMONNNN no more crappy games please.

T-Virus4487d ago

I think everyone suffered enough after the first one.

PhinneousD4487d ago

just because you have no skills you shouldn't dog good games.

btkadams4487d ago

well the news item says that in the source code its called "The Simpsons: The Game. Obviously its based on the movie... cuz every other movie-to-game franchise calls the movie "Insert Movie Title: The Movie" and the game is always called "Insert Movie Title: The Game". lol i hope that makes sense.

but then its also a little late to be announcing a game tied to the movie whent he movie comes in like a month and a half. so hopefully its a continuation of the hit & run series. I loved the first so a sequel would be great

Extra Guy4487d ago

I liked Hit & Run; short but it never got old. Please make sure that this game doesn't turn out to be a half-assed, movie port. Oh and on a side not make sure that all the sections of Springfield are one city, not 3 (with them then being reused with different times of day/contexts). Oh and better multiplayer too.

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