Best Buy $299 PS3 80GB Blu-ray bundle sold out

Best Buy Co. Inc. this week sold out of Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 80GB bundle that included a game title and a Blu-ray disc following a price cut to $299.

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LiquifiedArt3561d ago

If your not jumping on these deals now, you really missing out. There is no longer a 'price' excuse for people not to have a PS3. You either want the games and features it offers or you don't.

Not sure why you wouldn't though.

IzKyD13313561d ago

I'm gonna put my fanboy hat on for this comment lol:

Yep, you either pay 250 for a system with dated graphics, motion controls, crappy online, no HDD, and no support for hardcore gamers, or you pay 50 bucks more and get nex gen graphics/games, a blu ray player, good online(free), 120GB HDD ect.

Guido3561d ago

Nothing fanboy about seeing a great deal. Anybody that would argue the Wii or 360 as a better deal than the PS3 is an idiot. At the current price, the PS3 is the best bang for your buck and to deny that would be silly.

So basically anybody that hits that disagree button is and idiot fanboy that hates great deals on gaming.

Anybody that agrees with me is an awesome gamer that can recognize greatness when they see it.

eagle213561d ago

1. Retailers report shortages.
2. You visit a retail store and the PS3 section looks like shelf and air. lol.
3. CNN reports it.

PS3 just hit it's sweet spot and NOTHING can stop it.

FamilyGuy3561d ago

Of course they're selling out, price was the major issue but beyond that, even if the consumer is aware of the slimmer PS3 coming they might be snatching these up simply because they come with a game/s or a movie and a game depending on the bundle. The slimmer PS3 has not been announced to be bundled with ANY games so far (outside of the japanese one with some gundam game)

Does anyone know what game/s will be coming with the slim? Sony has never released a console without at least having a demo disc so i wonder what you get with this PS3

Christopher3561d ago

This package and the KZ2/MGS4 packages have been constantly selling out in my local Best Buys for the last month, prior to the price break. I feel sorry for someone trying to find one now with the price cut.

IzKyD13313561d ago


I'm glad we see the greatness in our comments :D

theEnemy3561d ago

Now I'm starting to worry if PSN Servers can handle the massive outrage of new accounts.


harrisk9543561d ago

while my car was getting worked on, so I decided to check out PS3 supplies at Target, Best Buy, BrandsMart (a big electronics store here in South Florida) and Game Stop... Not one had a PS3 in stock.... I am shocked at how with no advertising to speak of that the PS3 has flown off the shelves as fast as it has!

Not only that, but at each of those stores, the PS3 games sections were almost completely emptied of games and accessories....

This was on existing units... The Slim launch is going to be HUGE next month!

blackpanther253561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

that is crazy man.

I heard it was on CNN maybe that how. Cause i have a friend who is a nurse and he works all the time and somehow he found out that the ps3 got a price cut. The funniest thing is he doesn't go to game news websites.

I believe every news outlet in the US had a story about it on their website and u know facebook and twitter is crazy right now.

Edit: apparently jack was interviewed on FOX news and they talked about the price cut

meepmoopmeep3561d ago

wow, in a matter of days

this is serious

evrfighter3561d ago

$299 is tempting $249 is the deal sealer for me. There's really no ps3 exclusive I want. I just don't wanna subject myself to playing shooters on a console just yet. But I do want a console for my sports games.

ThanatosDMC3560d ago

You know PS3's are selling out when there are less 360 trolls on the PS3 news. They're starting to hide in the caves or under rocks or something... or they joined what they used to call "SDF".

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Pandamobile3561d ago

I was actually enticed to look at this deal.

$300 CAD for an 80 GB PS3 with Wall-e and LBP. (That's $275 USD)

If I had the money I probably would have bought it and I don't even really want a Play Station :|

raztad3561d ago

It would be very nice if you get one. There are amazing games you cant find anywhere else. A killer PC + PS3 is a full of win combination.

pixelsword3561d ago

You'll vomit orgasms.

Yes. The quality is that good; and you're talking to a Halo fanboy.

blackpanther253561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

i totally agree with you Killzone 2 is incredible

I'm a hardcore halo fan too. Have halo 1 and bought 2 copies of halo 2 with a live account and didn't even have a xbox (my friend had two at his dorm room). I know professional halo players from the PMS (all female)clan. Got crackdown for the Halo 3 multilayer beta and two copies of Halo 3. I gave my 360 to my cousin but i refused to hand over my halo copies.

And i can come out and say that killzone 2 is a beast.

Saaking3561d ago

You probably don't like consoles that much since you're a PC gamer, but it's a great purchase mainly because PS3 has a lot of exclusives. Most 360 "exclusives" can be found on PC so PS3+PC is an amazing combo.

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Jamie Foxx3561d ago

i thought more like 199 but i stand corrected

£250 in the UK is amazing though

table3561d ago

we don't know that for sure. There is obviously a sales boost but shops may be getting in less stock in anticipation of the slim. I believe the slim will be a big seller however.

nightelfmohawk3561d ago

Poor Xbots. They wouldn't stop poking Sony with their sticks. Sony is awake now.

Robert Kotick3561d ago

I'm still waiting on my Thank You for forcing Sony to price cut.

Now will you buy my peripherals?

nightelfmohawk3561d ago

No, I won't buy your crappy Activision games. I've never bought a single Activision game this entire generation, and I'm not about to start. You can keep your CoD and music games.

The gaming GOD3561d ago

The price cut and redesign was in the works long before Kotick open his pork-ladened mouth

Chubear3561d ago

Now you're going to get a lot of xbox360 Live gamers on PSN. Thank goodness for the mute and boot buttons :D

DonCorneo3561d ago

it's gamers who have yet to buy an HD console i.e., wii and ps2 owners..

all xbots already bought the 3fixme. there were 25 million original crapbox sold and those 25 million xbots already bought the 3fixme ( the rest of the 5 million of the 30 million 3fixme's sold can be explained by suckers who had defective xbots and bought another one).

50CALheadshot3561d ago

ms' cheap tricks could not defeat sony.

all the ms smoke n mirrors have backfired.

its a wrap microbots, that fat phuck, gabe newell is singing the 360's exit song.

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