Destructoid Hands-on with the PlayStation 3 Slim

Destructoid: "It's a good thing we didn't travel all the way to Germany just to watch somebody hold a PlayStation 3 Slim up on stage from a hundred feet away. We would've been out of town when one showed up right on our own doorstep earlier this morning.

Yup, we've got one, and Nick Chester and I have spent the better part of the day manhandling it. In more ways than one, it wasn't exactly what we expected. We've got a full unboxing video on the way for you tomorrow; but while that's in the oven, we'd like to hurry up and give you a closer look at this thing."

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FlipMode5151d ago

While the Xbox sounds like a vacuum cleaner

Model5151d ago

if i install the game it still has loud fan and even with so loud fan it still overheats...talk about cheap ass technology

spongeboob5151d ago

It sounds like a vacuum until you put a disk in, then it sounds like a vacuum and a band saw.

Kill Crow5150d ago

playing with their Diet PS3 - designed by fisher price !!!


cyborg69715150d ago

At least they can play. Unlike bots and they're 360's over half can't play and the other half have nothing to play. Bugged off wanker.

cyborg69715150d ago

At least they can play. Unlike bots and they're 360's over half can't play and the other half have nothing to play. Bugged off wanker.

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ElementX5151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

Wow, what a lame Destroid article. I post a Destroid article about BC not coming back and I get 8 reports right off the bat. They say it's "lame and fake" and "already known" well this quiet PS3 slim is already known, so I'm reporting this.

life doomer5151d ago

We all know your gay but, you don't need to show it.

gamesR4fun5151d ago

no doubt well see an even slimmer one in a couple years
still good to hear its even quieter than a wii our fat 60 gig makes a bit fo sound when the fans kick in but still really quiet compared to our 360.

JustinSaneV25151d ago

Why would Sony need another Revision?

Time Lord5151d ago

but no where near as loud as my 360. Am glad the Slim is quiet. Can always count on Sony to make good hardware.

chaosatom5151d ago

I am glad that PS3 slim makes even better improvements.

SuicidalTendencies5151d ago

"Can always count on Sony to make good hardware."

Did you even own a PS2 last generation? Disc read error anyone? I'm also guessing you never owned a walkman or some headphones made by Sony. I've had a ton of Sony hardware break down on me. Never a Sony T.V. though. They make those things pretty solid. Expensive as hell, but solid.

Godmars2905151d ago

Compare Sony's error rate to MS's, then talk.

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DasBunker5151d ago

This is one of the reasons i'll be getting a slim.. not because the noise bothers me but because it runs cooler than the regular PS3, its pretty hot over here..

Panthers5151d ago

I dont know, but my PS3 has gotten louder over the years. I have an original 20GB. Maybe I just need to use some compressed air to clean it, but it has def gotten louder.

Narutone665151d ago

is more than 30% smaller and lighter. There is not power brick outside of the console, meaning, the power adapter is built inside the console.

Sarcasm5151d ago

You guys are silly, Sony products have failures too. I have 3 friends who's blu-ray disc drive died on them. One of them, used to have a PS2 that the DVD Drive died on him 3 times.

I think that's the sole reason why some people just don't care about the 360's RROD. They like the system, they like the games and features. So even if it dies on them 3 or more times, they don't care and just want it back to continue using it.

And my fiance's Sony camera keeps shaking when turned on.

While I agree, Sony products are some of the best in terms of quality, that doesn't mean there isn't a few bad apples.

That said, on a personal level since owning a NES, SNES, N64, PSP, PS1, PS2 and PS3. I've had ZERO issues on all of them. Absolutely none. Strange how that works.

Pebbz165151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

If the PS3 slim was less square, had a glossy finish, and had a better design on top, it would look awesome.

FamilyGuy5151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

Well, needed or not, this version was not titled the "PSThree" so I can assure you that this isn't the final revision. The final hardware revisions of PS console have usually come on the heels of their next platform/at the end of the main portion of the consoles life.

SuicidalTendencies5151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

Compare Sony's error rate to MS's, then talk."

You can't compare them cause there are no official numbers for how many PS2's had the DRE. I don't think there are any real official numbers even for the 3 red lights.


About 140 million of us.

But with the RRoD fiasco every Xbox owner now wants to tell their 'horror stories' of 'teh PS2 reliability problems' that so far magically only happen to guys who own an Xbox and post on message boards..."

Sony fans apparently have reading problems. I wasn't just talking about the PS2. I was complaining about a lot of their products. Walkmans, CD players, headphones, stereos, that I've had problems with over the years. You also seem to have a bad memory. The DRE problem was pretty bad as well. Just do a google search and you can read a ton of complaints and articles about it. Maybe it wasn't as bad as the 3 red lights problem but it still affected a lot of people. I went through 3 PS2's and everyone I know had the problem at least once.

Edit: There was also that laptop battery incident a few years ago as well.

Christopher5151d ago

Yeah, I heard the 60GB PS3s were loud. Luckily, I've got an 80GB model and it's very quiet. I'm tempted to retire my downstairs 80GB PS3 for a slim. Perhaps I can trick the wife into thinking we need a PS3 in one of our guest bathrooms...

JustinSaneV25150d ago


PS1 = Two variants (exterior case-wise)
PS2 = Two variants (exterior case-wise)

I don't see any more changes to the exterior of the PS3 occurring down the road...

rockleex5150d ago

My Sony Walkman earphones have some of the best quality, and lasts far longer than the other earphones that I have.

My Walkman has never broken down, while many of my iPods have. Not to mention the Walkman produces MUCH MUCH better sound quality than iPods and other MP3/4 players do.


PSP = Four variants so far

Sony can definitely find ways to make the PS3 Slim even slimmer. Considering they got the PS2 slim to be as small as a DVD case. The PSP Go is also extremely sleek and small.

Why will Sony release ANOTHER slimmer PS3? Because that's the only way Sony can bring it down to the $99 - $199 price range.

Gun_Senshi5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

My fat ps2 which I bought the day FFX came out is still going stong.
My fat PSX bought in 1996 is still going strong.
My SNES is still going strong.

Lifendz5150d ago

Sorry to say but that's no longer revelant. The original Xbox was a tank (compared to the 360). It didn't break and you had to go out of your way to break it. Now MS is known for making a faulty console. No one is giving them a pass because the first Xbox was so reliable. The inverse is true for Sony. While the PS2 may have been unreliable to some of you, there is no denying that the PS3 is a beast and much more reliable than the 360. The past is the past. If MS releases it's next console and it has an acceptable failure rate no one, including me, would be right in bringing up the 360 because we won't be dealing with the 360 anymore. Just like if Sony's next console has a failure rate like the 360 any Sony fan would look crazy trying to justify that by pointing to the PS3's failure rate.

supahbad5150d ago

my 40 gig was silent; when i sold it and ended up with a newer model, the first time the fan turned on i jumped and i was like wtf. i hope the slim is silent too