Gamescom: Gran Turismo 5 - Gameplay footage

Eurogamer Portugal published some gameplay footage from GT5 showing the game in action.

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Supercalifragili3565d ago

Amazing graphics but lack sense of speed. More of the same, unfortunately.

Cwalat3565d ago

Graphically, it's better than any racing game i've seen.

But... What the hell is wrong with the destruction system?
A car drove in to the guy doing over 120Km/h, how the hell could the car survive that without a scratch? The door opened and the front bumper was damaged... Is that it?! Where's the realism in that?

And the physics doesn't seem that improved, for a car going 120-200 Km/h where's the sense of speed?

Kleptic3565d ago

I don't know what you guys mean by it not having a 'sense of speed' seemed perfectly 'fast' to in, the speeds those cars where going were extremely SLOW racing wise anyway...120-200kph is like 70-120mph...that is slow for a wide race track like that...

damage wise it was ok...but yeah...getting broadsided like that would have sent that WRX rolling down the straight...its cool though that the physics engine has real time effects from the in-car view though...seeing the door swinging open and all the lighting and shadowing still staying accurate was very impressive...

SoapShoes3565d ago

The damage is still better than Forza 2's from what I have seen.

He really didn't get hit that hard though, he only got hit from a car going like 40. It probably would have done more damage, but he would have not gone rolling crazily all over the place.

What I don't get is do you all just play these simulators to crash? And if you unintentionally crash then learn how to drive. I hardly ever crash and I'm not particularly good I just avoid stuff so I will probably only see damage a couple times a year if that. Learn how to drive and you won't crash.

Also you can rag on past GTs for wall riding, bouncing off of cars, etc but you can't blame the game for that you can only blame YOURSELF! You chose to drive that way. I never did any of that and that's how I learned how to drive decent on GT.

IQUITN4G3565d ago

Isn't this graphically meant to be so much better than Forza3? it's not exactly Forza bettering is it? even if it is just a cam job

If this was a Forza3 showing then people would no doubt be slagging it for being underwhelming

ryuzu3565d ago

than Forza - quite comfortably. This is a cam from a TV so hardly the best source material. As for sense of speed - well GT has always been about realism - and that's how fast those cars go. Just compare cams from reality with GT vids - they're near identical.

It works quite nicely in GT5P - don't see why the full release should be any different.

There is a much more worrying thing though - the damage modelling doesn't look right in this. First off, the road cars don't get damaged - so after a collision, the Subaru has damage but the other cars are fine. Secondly, the actual collisions themselves still don't look natural, and where damage occurs - it doesn't seem in keeping with the impact.

Thirdly, as far as this vid shows - once damaged, the car just keeps on trucking. It looks like the damage has little practical effect.

I'd like to think that in the full release all of this will be addressed (with a slider for realistic vs arcade damage) but I'm not hopeful. I suspect this is being pushed out the door now to try and get some sales but I have a feeling GT6 will be the release we really want...

Still, my preorder is safe - even a full fledged release of GT5P would be worth the money. Limited damage modelling I'll look at as a beta for now.


PirateThom3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I think, like Forza, the damage will have different options, full (where it affects the car's handling) down to cosmetic (where it is just bits falling off) because the leaked press release mentioned being able to drive cars to shut down (if the translation I got was correct).

ryuzu3565d ago

I hope that is the case - if only because, from the limited vids we've seen so far - things like wall riding and using other cars as brakes are still viable tactics.

I had hoped accurate damage modelling would stop or at least limit those techniques.

Personally I'd be happy to hear that all cars can be affected by damage, even if nothing is shown graphically.

Things that you see on a car - doors and fenders hanging off for example, are obvious damage eye candy, but not necessarily indicative of major performance degradation.

Suspension or engine damage though, are big driver problems while being invisible from the outside.


PirateThom3565d ago

I'd say, considering how limited the demo seems to be, we haven't seen everything.

Mandaspt3565d ago

Yep, very crappy damage modelling, let´s hope they fix this in the final version.

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