More and more revealing images PlayStation Home

The website PS3 Only have received some new photo's of the European Hoem beta trail. These 19 photo's reveal the spaces that are now available to the beta-testers and they show us all the minigames playable now in the game-space. Click on the link below to see them all.

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btkadams4183d ago

i dont see the point of showing us pictures. it looks the same as it did at gdc (or wherever phil showed it i dont remember lol). i havent seen anything i didnt see in the original promo vid.

im really excited though, i just think that I need to try it!

Violater4183d ago

Cant say these look "leaked" they look good though, I can't wait to play those mini games.

Cartesian3D4183d ago

I want to know how many ppl can be in the same place at the same time... what kind of server can handle this huge users :P ...

anyway its a Huge project for sony.. and for us.. good luck

Lars Cornelis4183d ago

maximum of 100.000 on a server

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