Playstation price cut expected to lift computer games industry

Blitz Games Studios CEO Philip Oliver has welcomed Sony's decision to cut the price of the PS3, and called on Microsoft and Nintendo to follow suit by reducing the costs of their consoles.

Speaking after Sony slashed the price of the PS3 by $100 earlier this week, Oliver said: "It's not just a reduction in price which means it's more attractive for new gamers to adopt the PS3 and more people to use games. They have also redesigned the PS3 so it's smaller, lighter and uses less electricity and that's also good for the environment.

"The whole industry is hoping PS3 sales will increase and grow more of a market to sell games," he told the Birmingham Post. "We hope companies like Microsoft and Nintendo will follow suit and drop the costs of their machines."

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jammy_703565d ago

anyway..... now the slim is heading our way, there selling quick, and will soon shoot past 360..... the slim is really the ps3 price cut
by years end the ps3 mighteven be in front of the console war!

Ninver3566d ago

lol it's amazing how people praise the ps3 as some saviour of our economic crises. People (non xbots) know quality and in the end quality will prevail.