The Sad State of My Life As A Dark Lord DLC

GD: "After playing through My Life as a Darklord, I was all too eager to splurge on the additional chapter. And that's where things turned sour.

After spending 500 Wii Points (half the price of the actual game), I was treated to a lackluster set of stages with ramped-up difficulty. It was only then that I realized that I had bought nothing more than a collection of stages with no other features aside from another celestial shard.

I did some calculating, and found that there's $57 worth of downloadable content for sale. That may seem like a treasure trove, but then I realized that a lot of this should really be included in-game."

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Smacktard3566d ago

This is one of the many reasons I hate Square-Enix. I group them in with Activision and Ubisoft. That's just bad.

rockleex3566d ago

I thought it said, the sad state of his life as a Dark Lord.

Shnazzyone3566d ago

f that crap then. Send square a message and buy all the chapters for monkey island and FFIV: after years and show them gamers don't consider these types of "upgrades" acceptable.