EA and Ubisoft praise "exceptional" PS3 price cut

Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot and EA Games president Frank Gibeau have both praised Sony for cutting the price of the PlayStation 3, making the home console an attractive prospect for the mass market consumer.

"It's exceptional news, actually. I think the machine is a great machine, with the Blu-ray," commented Guillemot, speaking to GamesIndustry.biz. "I'm happy that they were able to move to that [price point], particularly in the UK."

"I think it's awesome," enthused Gibeau. "It's an old line, but it still rings true for us: 'We make the ammunition for the hardware wars'. So the lowest priced hardware possible is a good thing for us. We want to see as big and broad a base as possible, and the Sony hardware is a good piece of equipment."

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ali3125417d ago

The price drop and new model is good news for those who have been waiting to purchase one. For me the price change does not bother me as I already have a ps3 but it will help me in the sense that 3rd developers will think twice before making an exclusive game ie gears or mass effect for example.

Hellsvacancy5417d ago

Ea - "yeah well done Sony"

Ubisoft - "Finally"

Activision - "No no no no no - u hav made the Ps3 2 cheap now yeah we said the Ps3 cost 2 much and needed a price-cut but we was only thinkin by 10dollars - were greedy u c"

jack_burt0n5417d ago

activision: "Have you seen what we charged for those night vision goggles!? and we raised the price of the vanilla game too hahhahahahah!!!! its like tbagging the idiots that buy our stuff hahahhhahah.

<actual quote from activisions head of ballbags>

Genesis55417d ago

Wheres that knob from Activision? Seems pretty quiet doesn't he.

Sarcasm5417d ago

This is good news from EA and Ubisoft. It shows that they're going to continue support on the PS3.

As for Activision, Kotick's probably saying "Finally, now since there's going to be more PS3 owners I can raise the price of MW2 further"

StanLee5417d ago

Wait until Activision comments and takes credit for forcing Sony's hand. SMH!

Johnny Rotten5417d ago

"hold on, now that the PS3 is $300 that's gonna make our cheap plastic toys look waaay over priced... oh well I guess we can always get it back from our friends [suckers] over seas".

- douchbag CEO from Activision

Jamie Foxx5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

superior hardware,best exclusives,much more first party studios,free online gaming,bluray and now the sweet price with a redesign, ill be 100% honest..MS ARE PRETENDERS....broken hardware,lack of first party studios, dvd9, online fees...price was their trump card which is now void


Boycott Activision !

on topic, its great that publishers are getting behind Sony with real positive support ( unlike activision )

this will make for a very interesting next few months...

Guido5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

They were already making more money on the PS3 in game sales and now with a price cut, the install base will grow and they will continue to destroy on sales with the PS3. They love their money maker!

raztad5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

Ubisoft lineup so far this year has been pretty lackluster. I hope they do better with AC2.

Activision got nothing worth to look forward, just the very same games I'm no interested in. Just looking at preorders its clear that PS3 userbase is much less enthusiastic about Generic Warfare 2 than xbox's. I'm glad for that.

FamilyGuy5417d ago

No one said things like this when the $200 arcade model 360 was released and it's pretty obvious why.

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Masamori Sumimura5417d ago

I bet activision dont want to stop supporting the ps3 now.

user8586215417d ago

bring sme exclusives den ;)

El Botto5417d ago

It is a fact that PS3 will dominate this gen just like the previous gens. And EA and Ubisoft knows this. They have done the numbers. Read the projections, seen the market charts. They know. Its a matter of time. Not IF but simply a matter of WHEN.

And WHEN seems to be about just now. I, too, think that it has started.
Perfect timing by Sony AND remember every PS3 sold is now AT PROFIT. Meaning Sony just turned PS3 into Wii.

The only loser is thus MS.

locos855417d ago

I bet Activision thinks they were the reason Sony cut the price.

KR1ST0F3R5417d ago

yeah that fat greedy barsteward at activision is so arrogant he will claim he is the sole reason and that he caused the market turnaround.

shame more people are not strong enough to boycott all activision products like i am, to send a message out as to who is in charge of the games industry - us the consumers.