Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner City Review

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at the newest title in the Monkey Island series, The Siege of Spinner City.


I meant to write Spinner Cay, not Spinner City, my bad

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Go Gaming Giant3560d ago

did you guys like this one better than the first?

Fullish3560d ago

10/10 wow, must be good.

Go Gaming Giant3560d ago

ye it was very good, really enjoyed it, more so, I just couldn't find anything wrong with it so I gave it the 10/10

Go Gaming Giant3559d ago

just realized I wrote Spinner City instead of Spinner Cay, my bad

NarsilianShard3559d ago

man, i really need to finish lechuck's revenge now...

G3Ben3559d ago

I still have Curse and Escape sitting right here. How do the new ones stack up to the old classics?

SpaceInsomniac3559d ago

Awesome. Never can get enough monkey island.

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