NowGamer: Heavy Rain Q&A

NowGamer speak to Quantic Dream head honcho David Cage about Heavy Rain's newly revealed character.

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omni_atlas3564d ago

Cage on Project Natal:

What I think about Project Natal is that it is a very nice communication operation. I’ve watched the videos and they were very nicely put together but this is science fiction. What you see in the video is something that is not feasible today and will not be feasible in the next two years just because the technology they describe does not make any sense. So, it’s a nice try to show where we would like the technology to go, it’s more a direction. I don’t believe for one second that we’re anywhere close to what they show in their videos and that’s my feeling as a developer. I may be wrong but I would be very surprised to see how you can be in your living room, show your skateboard to the camera, have it scanned with the camera detecting what is your skateboard and what is your hand, then putting the skateboard into the game. I’d love to see that! I’d love to see four people playing on a couch and the camera detecting which hand belongs to whom. And, sure, if you’re alone in certain lighting conditions then you can probably detect movement and I have no doubt about that, and I think it’s going to be very far from what they showed.

SarcasticBastard3564d ago

"we are going to explore that in the future with Sony’s technology. That works and it’s something we’ve tested and used, we’ve seen the potential. It is something that sounds feasible and is very interesting. It’s a different approach to gaming and we will probably want to develop for this new device."


VsAssassin3564d ago

I want to play this suspense/thriller type of emotional ride. Welcome the new genre!

SarcasticBastard3564d ago

" I think that when some people play Heavy Rain they might even say that it’s not a videogame at all. And that’s the way we think about it to be honest with you. We don’t see Heavy Rain as a videogame. The way we know them right now, they are pretty much toys for kids. They are really based on achievement and the fact that you can kill enough enemies to proceed to the next level and then kill more enemies, or solve puzzles, or drive fast enough. Well there’s nothing like that in Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is a journey. It’s not about killing; it’s about emotional involvement."

Quoted for truth !