Xbox Live and PlayStation Home Comparison Video

There are many things that Xbox has done right with the Live service, and it is the best online service at the time of the writing, but Sony isn't giving up without a fight with the launch of Home. The beta testing is already in full speed, and we will shortly see what Home can do. Is it a massive 'ad' land or does it just open up the possibility for sharing of porn through your virtual Bravia TV? Whether you like the simplistic view of Xbox Live or the immersive 3D world of PS3 Home, here is a comparison video a user made, enjoy:

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Aass4186d ago

Can't help but notice that this video had a favorite. HOME! That because hit looks f***ing awesome.

Spunkmeyer434185d ago

Now i don't normally post on here, its pointless, fanboys are as stubborn as a week old skid mark.

I am a 360 man, but i have no real beef with the PS3. Up until 5 minutes ago i had no idea what "home" was, you boys and girls cannot be seriously excited about this, it epitomizes the word gimmick, yeah it was pretty but seriously unless your under 12 why the frig would you want to use this!!! Oooo look i have made an avitar of me, ok its not an exact replica in that really i'm not 20 stone, spotty with greasey hair and a bad ass teenage mustache, but its close enough, come on ladies!!!!

The thing that bothers me the most about the live service is how fidly it can be, i am impatient and if i want to download a demo i want it there i dont want fancy fade and slide animations between screen and so on!!!

3 minutes on the "home" and i'd be inserting the ps3 into the nearest persons face i could find. Be excited about the processing power or grand turismo or Splinter Cell Conviction (oops scrap that one) but not this ;).

Vfor54185d ago

This is for the video gamers who have "online" girlfriends.

T-Virus4186d ago

I can't STAND Linkin Park!

DrWan4186d ago

I did my best trying to find an unbiased video's hard because Xbox just don't animate or move...And i thought they had equal number of "display time"......jeez

Keyser4184d ago

You did a good job dude. People will find something wrong with everything no matter what.

If you were to do it over I would suggest flipping through some of Live's pages to show depth.

I like the way Home's interactiveness and I will definitely be downloading it. Maybe not to use everyday but it will definetly build a community experience, before the Mom's and Dad's by little Billy a PS3 and he thinks it's fun to run around acting like an @ss.

TheMART4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Pretty pointless actually.

1. Again only future promisses, that's where Sony's good at

All games in 1080p
Only 1080p is true HD
All games 120 fps

@ Launch the PSN will equal XBL right...

So now it's again a future promise on some nice shiny graphics, but will it deliver?

Nice world to walk in, but what about

1. Unified friendlist
2. Co-op able to jump in with your friends any game (2 or 4 player co-op) instantly?
3. Not graphics but featurues are important?

Really very pointless. Home is a nice gimmick game on it's own, but it's not for sure a premium online system itself, is it?

@ Deep (below)

Don't be sorry, discussion is good.

But I disagree. Sony said themselve that gaming started with true HD, which is according to them 1080p, not 720p.

Motorstorm would be 1080p. Was not, tuned down to 720p. Not that its bad, 720p is the sweet spot and optimal for gaming.

Plus Deep, that unified friendlist and joining co-op was already promissed for LAUNCH. It would have had equalled XBL @ LAUNCH.

And it wasn't. Again now, in the future. First seeing, then believing. But this video is pretty pointless.

When I hear someone is downloading a day for 600 MB demo on PSN, I don't really believe the network is that strong.

techie4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Mart I hate to do this.

"All games in 1080p" - nope they never said ALL games will be 1080p...they said the ps3 was capable of 1080p and there would be games implementing it. For example ever sine Heavenly Sword was announced it was listed as 720p....that goes right back to 2005.

"All games in 120fps"...nope that was never said either. If 120fps was mentioned it was by Kutaragi...and well it was used not for graphics...but may have been referring to other options...such as the ps3eye which is 120fps. ;)

"1. Unified friendlist
2. Co-op able to jump in with your friends any game (2 or 4 player co-op) instantly?"

Well I can answer to both of those for Home. It has been said that it will have a unified friends list...and that yes you can jump into games instantly. In fact if you don't want it instantly you could bring them back to your flat and have a chat and then jump straight into a game...and no you don't have to WALK to your can just "jump" there.

Dedicated servers for zero lag play...that's an important feature right?

*edit* Ok let's continue. Yes they said 1080p is what they wanted this gen...and they said they felt this is where the ps3 should be. Did they say they would get it from the begining? No. Do they think future games will be able to do it...a lot of them yes, as programming improves etc. (eg NGS 60fps 1080p...DMC4 1080p 60fps)

Motorstorm...well that's a shame it didn't hit its 1080p target, but they had to release it...and they felt a strong framerate was better. They also had to sacrifice some graphical upgrades to get it out the door. Which is a shame, but is it impossible? No.

Same with Resistance...the game was actually running in 1080p. But they felt that a locked framerate was better...and what an accomplishment that is. A locked 60fps in a lag, no drop even with 40 enemies on screen. If you don't think that's impressive...well I think you'd not understand the quality a dev has to get in order to achieve that.

"that unified friendlist and joining co-op was already promissed for LAUNCH." - find me the promise Mart...find even the mention of a "unified friends list" before launch. All I heard was that they were providing an online service, which they would improve over time. Eg. Background downloading came to both late...but Sony was very quick to get it implimented after complaints.

Home will not be their only merely compliments...and all features you see in home will be on the XMB also.

Since we're talking about promises. What has Microsoft promised? The best online service for gamers? Well perhaps they have achieved that by it the best gaming online without lag? Some people who have played online resistance and online gears may well not vouch for that.

You are a slightly absurd character mart lol...some might call it charm. Although I don't know who they'd be...

zantetsuken4185d ago

No one agrees with you, lol. 17 disagrees. Gtfo troll.

naturalgamer4185d ago

theMART you are so damn funny. i think you´re so lonely here. but keep on. i´m always laughing my as$ off when i read your comments.

PS3 is superior - get it man.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago ) the 120fps lie the 1080p lie more 1080p lies
http://www.computerandvideo... another 1080p lie hmm still going

What are you going to say now? I must have made these links up. This pwning of Deep is for you TheMart

Lumbo4185d ago

Link1: "It's possible, says Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi" compared to TheMart :"Sony said all games will run at 120fps"
thank you for providing a link that actually backs Deeps statement in an attempt to bash it.

Link2: what exactly is the lie in there, Kotaku writing there are NO games in 1080p, whereas as of now the fully playable demo of GTHD already manages that ... no prob for the full game then ;) so maybe Sony pointing out that BluRay discs run at 1080p was a lie ? erm .. no, so no backing for your claim in that article.

Link3-5: omg, even more articles from a year ago when the PS3 was not even released , all stating there will be no 1080p games, and whats now ? we see the GTHD demo running in full HD already, for everyone to test on his own PS3, we see NinjaGaiden Sigma running in 1080p rendering all your "sources" invalid, way to put the foot in the mouth Jason xg1, way to go.

So far you managed to look like an idiot, helping 'deep' to prove his claim while trying to diss him, next time come up with better "sources" for your claims please, like actual SONY press releases that say exactly what TheMart claims Sony said. But as his claims lack any real backing you can't. You just like to parrot his childish rants. "a non Sony HDMI cable will void your PS3 warranty" is the best of the bunch here, completely made up out of thin air, posted and never backed by any source, but in TheMarts strange fantasy world its true.

tk4185d ago

Read up in those words Mart. That is what you are all about. So you had no answer to post on Home - so you fall back on a totally unrelated topic. If you don't have anything to say, then shut up. If you thought you were helping the XB360's case - then bad news. You and your type convince people that MS is engaging in a mud slinging campaign, paid for viral marketers - to try and give a negative spin on anything PS3. The effect is that people are trusting Sony more and MS less - because of the existence of mad posters like yourself.

techie4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

jason. Every one of those links proves my point.

1. Does not say anything about games being in 120fps. It does say that the ps3 could support applications at 120fps. Oh and wait...there are no applications now that support 120fps. For a start Crazy Ken said "in the future"...not from the get go....AND there is an application that runs at's called the psEYE and comes out in July.

The rest - you just provided me with links saying that there were no 1080p games. Did I disagree that there no 1080p games at launch? The whole beef was that the ps3 supports 1080p...which it does. There was never any promise that "every game ever released from the begining will be in 1080p". My proof of this is that Heavenly Sword was always going to be 720p. And games appear to be getting a hold of 1080p.

ps. there were two games at 1080p at launch. Ridge Racer7 was 1080p, 60fps, GTHD was 1080p 60fps. ANd now there are others. All showing that, yes, the ps3 does support 1080p.

razer4185d ago

Fanboy sissy fight. The Mart(360) and Deep(PS3) both of you stink of blind fanboyism and neither of you should be allowed to post articles here.

MySwordIsHeavenly4185d ago're so effed up mart

Read the new PSM interview with Phil Harrison...those features will be in it at launch. Jump in anytime you want...especially with Haze and Killzone. Unified friends list. Everything...

You're just scared cuz it'll be the best...

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DADO4186d ago

I know so many people that are just waiting for home to buy a PS3. Most of them are big fans of the SIMS and PS3 home is lake a online version of the Sims. I think once Home and some good games are out the PS3 will dominate the holiday season easily. The biggest advantage Home has its the fact that it is FREE.

grunt3604185d ago

...well in that case why don't they get sims online and only pay like 1/100th of the price?