Sony's PS3 Slim Carries Updated Cell Chip

The PlayStation 3 Slim gaming console from Sony Computer Entertainment is not only smaller and cheaper, but adds hardware enhancements that make it speedier, including a new Cell microprocessor.

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Gue13560d ago

So the Cell's faster now? But what's the point anyway? Devs can't use the extra processing power because then older PS3 models couldn't run the games...

TheMART3560d ago

No, but they could use the extra power to make a game run 60fps on the Slim while it could hit 30fps or below on the Fat.

The PSP Fat and the PSP Slim also have differences in how fast and well they play games. Although thats not a thing of the CPU there but mainly the difference in RAM.

Then again, the Slim could use the extra overhead for stuff non game related, faster folding etc.

Although the stuff could also just be locked at the same as the Fat, only the powerconsumption of 36% less then the Fat is the effect then.

-MD-3560d ago

"No, but they could use the extra power to make a game run 60fps on the Slim while it could hit 30fps or below on the Fat."


TheMART3560d ago

@ Murderdolls

I am not a that technical guy, but you might be. Why not?

BreakNeckSpeed3560d ago


What ? The chip isn't faster they just lowered the die size to 45 nm.

-MD-3560d ago

They aren't going to make half the games on PS3 run at 60FPS and the other half run at 30FPS that would cause major problems.

commodore643560d ago

Murder is right, Mart.

The new cell might be more efficient and draw less power, but it certainly is NOT speedier!

The article is completely misleading in that regard.
Another LIE, to ignite PS3 fanboy fervour.

Kill Crow3560d ago

have they already sold 35 million of these ?
You believed them didn't you morgan fail


3560d ago
Guitarded3559d ago

Leave it to the droids to praise Sony for selling 20 something million(for morganfail 30 mil) gimped PS3s at a higher price. Losers.

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The General3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Talk about efficiency at its finest. The PS3 was already topnotch, but expect Sony to find a way to improve on something and make it better.
Definitely feels good to be a PS3 owner. I know I'm in good hands.

Anything that has PS3 on it is just sexy imo.

hay3560d ago

And that's what makes true brand loyalty.

Immortal Kaim3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

mmm, wasn't aware of this. Very interesting, still glad I have the original model, the PS3 slim is ugly as sin (imo).

Guido3560d ago

I love the look and now knowing that it is the best console in terms of hadware? Man this thing is poopin'!

Sarcasm3560d ago

I think the Slim would have looked better with piano black though. For some reason the Matte does scream "I'm Cheap"

Although my friend who's PS3 died a couple months ago, is deciding to buy a Slim. So I'll withhold judgement until I see it in person.

Kushan3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Uhhh...not that I want to piss on your chips or anything, but this isn't actually anything special or surprising. This is how it has always been: You get a processor and build it using the latest technology. Then a few months or years down the line, you build it using the newest technology, allowing you to make them smaller.

Intel, AMD and IBM have always worked like this, in fact it's where "moore's law" comes from, the idea that roughly every 18months, you can cram twice as many transistors into the same space (or alternatively, you can get twice as many processors from the same silicon wafer).
Even Microsoft has upgraded the 360 in this way, that's what the different versions are (Falcon and Jasper), 65nm -> 45nm components.

The Wood3560d ago

tell that to your mate below. He equates this normal news to being ripped off....will you say anything or address him directly......hmmmmm

Microsoft Xbox 3603560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I was about to say the same damn thing. 360 "fanboys" like Murderdolls don't use simple logic anymore.

cmrbe3560d ago

Does the slim look worse than other consoles like the PS2, x360 or the wii?. Why exactly are people saying it looks ugly?. It looks standard to me. Not as good as the fat but that's because the fat has the best finishing ever for a console. I think people are saying it's ugly because it dosent look expensive like the fat but that is the thing, it is not as expensive as the fat to manufacture.

3560d ago
rockleex3560d ago

Imagine if it worked the same way for people. O_o

Sarcasm3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

"I think people are saying it's ugly because it dosent look expensive like the fat"

That about sums it up. As for the original PS3, a non-gamer friend of mine said "Wow, video games are so Hi-Tech. It looks like a UFO"

I think Sony making the Slim Matte is also just a cost-saving reduction as they don't need to paint it.

But overall, regardless of what the PS3 looks like, the most important aspect is it's functionality which isn't compromised one bit. (Except for linux, which only 1% of PS3 owners actually care about)

It still plays blu-rays, ps3 games, wi-fi, has PSN, has a dualshock 3, etc. etc. etc. all for $2-mother-f'in-99. Awesome.

Maddens Raiders3559d ago

is right General. "Sony's PS3 Slim Carries Updated Cell Chip" .... and this is only one reason why I'll be purchasing one.

jib3559d ago

im a minority here but i actually like how the slim looks over the old model. old model looks too big for what im used to(ps2)

DaTruth3559d ago

The PS3 front page is funny! One top story says; "PS3 slim, too little too late". The other says; " PS3 selling out everywhere".

Good call Forbes./sarc

Guido3559d ago

Don't worry bud, you're not pissing in my chips. You're just making yourself look stupid. New tech = less energy expenditure = better hardware. I'll let that sink in so maybe your next comment won't be so silly.

jamesrocks31473559d ago

ALOT of heat it actulli takes the piss my room gets so hot when its been on a few mins i am going to buy a slim because i do think it wont be half as bad :P

y0haN3559d ago


Actually it went

90 nanometer GPU + 90 nanometer CPU (Xenon)
90 nanometer GPU + 90 nanometer CPU (Zephyr)
90 nanometer GPU + 65 nanometer CPU (Falcon)
65 nanometer GPU + 65 nanometer CPU (Jasper)

The Great Melon3559d ago


I happy that they got rid of the piano black finish. I have always considered that finish to be one of the worst things about the original ps3. It just attracts dust and fingerprints, the matte finish on the other hand keeps the ps3 looking cleaner. I wish companies would stop using that glossy surface.

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-MD-3560d ago

Oh my god... I was fine with owning a fat PS3 but now this one is faster? Next generation I will wait for Sony to release their "slim PS4" before buying one.

I can't believe I fell for this twice.

ultimolu3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

And yet you're complaining AGAIN.

Sell your PS3 Murderdolls. Please do. And don't look back.

EDIT: How the hell are you being ripped off? You don't have to buy the slim if you don't want to? I still have my fat PS3...I may trade it in later on for a slim but seriously, you complain about EVERYTHING.

My God, give Sony a freaking break Murderdolls.

EDIT 2: Not once have I ever seen you say something good about Sony. NOT ONCE.

The General3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

If you see Murderdolls' comment, you forgot to place the troll on your ignore list.

Please help prevent trolls from getting the attention they seek and pay them no mind. Thanks.

We all know he doesn't really have a PS3. He just stands outside his neighbor's house and watches through the windows.

-MD-3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

How am I trolling? Do you like getting ripped off? Do you like owning an outdated PS3 like me? I sure don't.

Sure I'll sell my fat PS3, as long as I get enough for a slim.

"Please help prevent trolls from getting the attention they seek and pay them no mind. Thanks." -- You replied to my comment which means you're acknowledging me. Should probably follow the advice you're preaching.

"We all know he doesn't really have a PS3." --- Murderdolls90 come
say hello :)

"My God, give Sony a freaking break Murderdolls." --- Why can't they give ME a break?

"EDIT 2: Not once have I ever seen you say something good about Sony. NOT ONCE." I compliment Uncharted, Resistance and Ratchet all the time. And Twisted Metal is one of my favorite franchises ever. I've said this at least 100 times on this site.

Dead_Cell3560d ago

Try not to fall for first-iteration purchases next time ;)

-MD-3560d ago

I'm willing to bet you fell for it.

Rigmaster3560d ago

You are reacting to poor reporting.

The latest Broadband Engine chips in the Slim PS3 aren't any more powerful than existing PS3 models. Performance for all games is identical across all models of PS3s.

morganfell3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Now that's proper tactics General. Nothing out maneuvers the Ignore button.

EDIT: ultimolu, just do what I did and keep your original and pick up a slim as well. PSN doesn't carry the same restriction as Live as far as having the same account on different PS3s.

Less power = less heat. And less heat is something about which MS knows nothing.

-MD-3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

You still see my name popping up all over the place yes? I can live with that. I find it hard to resist reading comment from people on my ignore list too.

"Less power = less heat." Which is why Jasper 360s use less power and dissipate less heat right? Oh wait you wouldn't know about that because you're too busy being a cool PS3 guy on N4G.

The Wood3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

you talk so much crap its unbelievable

Just go bring nothing to the table except crud.

For everyone else this is good news.. with time comes improvements in the hardware which certain trolls and the company they idolise seem to forget

What are you waffling about....What side do you think have made more double purchases this gen huh AND for the wrong reason.....

My original will go downstairs, the slim can stay in the bedroom. Your skin must be itching...or do you have a crappy feeling in the pit of your stomach like you just found a empty condom rapper in your girls jean pocket....i kid but why spin good news into bad

-MD-3560d ago

So you like buying consoles again? I don't see how this is good news to any current PS3 owner. Your fanboyism is showing.

Kushan3560d ago

Don't get so excited. The article claims the "new CELL chip" is faster, but it's highly unlikely that this will end up faster when inside the PS3. In all liklihood, the chips will remain at the same clock speed as the original Playstation 3's CELL chips to ensure backwards compatibility with all software (Faster SPUs could easily throw timing off in a lot of titles). The FASTER chips will probably end up in other devices, such as Toshiba's TVs that have the CELL in them.

ultimolu3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

...Who's twisting your arm to buy a slim? Seriously, who's twisting your arm to buy it?

Sony did the same thing with the PS1. They did the same thing with the PS2. I don't ever recall being forced to buy a PS1 slim and a PS2 slim to replace the fat ones.

Sony reduced the production costs by 70% and that is amazing news. I don't see how you're spinning this into a negative. You're either saying these things to provoke people or you really mean it.

EDIT: I may end up doing that morgan.

cmrbe3560d ago

I am very proud of my launch PS3. It will always be the best sku. I am actually putting it in back into it's box to save it and buy a slim to use from here on out.

Microsoft Xbox 3603560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Hypocrisy at its finest.

360's have been updated internally as well. Do you feel shafted now because new 360 owners get more reliable hardware? I guess not because for you getting ripped off only applies to Sony, am I right?

commodore643560d ago

IS there anyone out there who wants to sell their fat ps3 60gb with b/c?

I am willing to pay $199.


pixelsword3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

When the New 360's came out with HDMI support you didn't whine about that, and that is a fundamental shift in terms of quality for a console's output.

Even if the chip performance is significant, the devkits in just about every developer studio out now ensures that every game will run just fine on the older PS3s since they have the old chipsets.

Immortal Kaim3560d ago

You feel shafted? Hey, I have a launch 360, I'm the one who should be complaining, I don't have HDMI and my console breaks down every 6-8 months...

p.s PS3 slim is ugly, you don't want it if you already own a regular system. ;)

Sarcasm3559d ago

I don't get it. People are feeling shafted about a console that pretty much does the same thing as the original, but loves to pay $50 a year for online subscriptions and condones overpriced proprietary accessories like $100 wifi's and $150 HDD add-on's.

Mind boggling.

mastiffchild3559d ago

I've managed to get a 360 elite with a Falcon chip(Jasper elites are impossible to find where I live-I actually haven't ever seen one in the flesh)and it runs quieter and cooler than the ones that I had previously and that will be the benefit of the new Slim with it's o=improved tech. The games won't run any quicker or prettier and there are the benefits I don't want to lose from my Launch 60gig in any case(card readers, BC etc, etc) so a Slim would only be a secondary purchase.

So who's been ripped off? Sony haven't cpnned you MD have they? I've had six 360's die on me(two were my own drunken fault mind)and only one PS3 with a fault so this gen I'd say MS did worse to gamers with shoddy and uintested tech while Sony are merely improving to reduce costs. When neither console being updated will actually give any performance increases to us why moan? Unless you just have a hair up your ass about Sony.

INehalemEXI3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I would not sell my fat60GB for any less then I would not sell it. Maybe if you offered something crazy like $600 or more and you could get one on ebay for less then that so...

Slim looks sexier then any console aside from a PS3 fat IMO. It is so durable and compact looking though I almost like it just as much as the older sexier version.

sloth4urluv3559d ago

Who cares if its slightly faster, its not going to make a bit of difference in the games.

potenquatro3559d ago

Are you crazy boy?? $250 and with the no-rumble controller. That's the best anybody can do.

lagoonalight3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

More than likely these are the same exact chips. If murder was smart or not an xbot he wouldn't have even posted this. AS IF THE SLIM? is even close to my BC 80GB with a better 'mata', (yes the spiderman one that actually kind of looks like the PS3 itself with it sloping sides that came about way before spiderman) and 4 USB, SACD, and memory card readers. Not only that but it has what must be the sexiest shiny black casing I have ever seen as long you don't mess it up. Do not rub just lightly guide a microfiber cloth over it!

Why would you ever sell something like this or even the old matte for what the slim offers. The other PS3's all look better than the slim imo and I have no idea what you are going on about. The cell chips are exactly the same but on different scales. Research before you look like the true idiot next time.

whothedog3559d ago

I think you forgot the 360 did the same thing....twice?

Think before you speak murderdolls, and than you wouldn't seem like such a fanboy.

Also, it's called technology, it happens.

Calvin_ISA3559d ago

Commodore was making a joke about how you can buy the current 360 for $199, and only paying $199 for a launch PS3 is basically stealing it. :P

A joke mostly poking fun at Murderdolls and his (or her) "feeling shafted" for Sony releasing a slim PS3 that nobody is forcing him (or her) to buy. The PS3 slim doesn't make the fat PS3 lag behind in tech at all, so there's absolutely no point in complaining about it's existence unless you're retarded.

On a side not, my PS3 is fixed (free, gotta love extended warranties) and I can't wait to drive back home to pick it up (I'm in college now). Oh, and when I get the money I'm buying a slim. As a failsafe console and one that I can lug around to friends houses. :P

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Ju3560d ago

Cannot be speedier! They can't make it faster. Usually they lock it at the same frequency and the exact timing. This is not the same as a PC cpu upgrade which would possibly come with some enhancements. You can't do that for consoles (I guess IBM would like to do that, but there is currently no other market then the PS3 for that chip - workstation use IBMs modified PowerXICell or what its called anyway). Same clock, die shrink -> lower power consumption, less heat, smaller cooling system, smaller components thus lower price of the overall system while keeping performance data AS IS.

ultimolu3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

...In English. o_O

I...well... I didn't understand what you were saying.

RandomDude6553560d ago

article is talking about the reduction in chip size which happened months ago. Reporter couldn't find out the clock speed, so stated as much (probably not changing)..

commodore643560d ago

@ Ju.

Completely agree.

The new chip, while more efficient, will NOT be speedier.
The article is just blatantly lying to ignite fanboy fervour.

LightofDarkness3560d ago

Of course smaller designs are capable of more stress (they produce less heat), but that doesn't mean Sony would have the balls to break compatibility with older PS3s (or snub those who invested $600 on day one in an "inferior" product).

They'll of course keep all the timings the same and the clock frequency will be locked down too. However, I might just pick up a slim after all. I have a 20GB PS3 from launch, which I intend to keep, but I'm just attracted by the price tag and the small size (and hopefully smaller electrical bills). What can I say, I'm a sucker for these kinds of things...

Sibs3560d ago

What's amazing is that the power consumption is nearly a third of what the launch consoles consume (180W vs 73W).

.. Maybe they're making the processors faster, but specifically underclocking to get better power consumption?

Ju3559d ago

They are not going to underclock the CPU. Timing is crucial. It MUST behave exactly the same as the 90nm and 65nm cpu. Consoles must be 100% compatible else the whole console business model will fail (well, minor things nowadays can possibly be balanced by the OS, which is bigger then in previous generations).

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

They are always improving things on their Games Consoles while Micro$oft just sell the same old Broken SH!T to people and NEVER sort out the xBox 360's Problems during it's SAD PATHETIC Lifetime!!! ;-D

ultimolu3560d ago

Ken...we need to have a talk about your company. They're going to kill my purse dammit...o-o


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3560d ago

Yeah if i had a Full Purse ;-D i would get all the PSP:Go stuff to this year to ;-P
(A PSP:Go + PSP:Go Games MGS,LBP,MotorStorm etc etc)
I think all the SEXY;)PS3 stuff this year will be all i can Afford;)

Guitarded3559d ago

Praise Sony for selling them a gimped PS3 at a higher price. So Ken and Juultimolu love Sony for screwing them. Who else likes the way Sony MAY have just alienated 20 odd million early adopters?

frnkyl3559d ago

Same can be said about bots when they bought the Jasper 360 thinking it would never RROD but it did...

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