9.0 Review: Tales of Monkey Island: The Siege of Spinner Cay (PC) writes:-
Avast ya scury sea dogs!
Another month and we are on to the second release in the Tales of Monkey Island series. Telltale offer up the latest (mis)adventures of Guybrush Threepwood in The Siege of Spinner Cay. (Episode one spoiler alert!) When we last left our hero his smug satisfactions of overcoming the winds on Flotsom Island are short lived when he not only discovers his wife Elaine getting friendly with LeChuck , but also finds himself on the end of a mystery swordsman's blade. A brief altercation later and Guybrush is left with only one hand and a cracked mast. The damaged mast forces Guybrush to the nearby Jerkbait Island where he discovers his wife Elaine, a worryingly helpful LeChuck and the secret to locating La Sponja Grande.

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