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blueg3565d ago

Awesome. I can play WoW in a magazine! Whoo!

Calcio3565d ago

Awesome - sounds like it has no adverts in at all - pure WoW gold.

gusto3565d ago

What would the ads be for, anyway - gold sellers? :D

Calcio3565d ago

Hard to find these days you know - advert would be welcome...:D

gusto3565d ago

Just when I'd kicked the WoW habit.

zoydwheeler3565d ago

This is an internets game. For internet people.

They don't buy physical products from shops, do they?

Received wisdom has told me that they don't leave their internet rooms and that they buy all their junk food and diet cokes online and that sometimes they even poo in buckets and that they buy Chinese men to play their games for them when they sleep.

How are they going to go to a newsagents to buy a magazine?

*head implodes*

DanAmrich3564d ago

Read the story again -- it's not for sale in newsagents. It's subscription only, delivered to your door only, so you only have to go as far away as the mailbox to get it.

So, yes, you're entirely right. :)

ElementX3565d ago

When would WoW players find time to read it?

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