Eurogamer: ModNation Racers Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "But what about the fact that really good racing games are remembered as fondly if not more so for specific tracks than they are for their handling and other features? Isn't there a risk that a racing game built around UGC will struggle for an identity? "You know, not at all," says Sochan. "Someone asked me earlier about egos, and it's a different thing when you're creating a user-generated content game - it isn't that you've created the greatest track ever, it's more we're excited that we've made tools that are powerful and easy to use. I hope that within the first week there are 100 tracks up there that are amazing, and have things we never anticipated." Good thing it's accessible then, really".

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shine13963770d ago

ps3 game; pretty positive enough preview; eurogamer.... hmmm....

OhReginald3770d ago

something smells fishy...and its not from my pants...

hatchimatchi3770d ago

This game is gonna be awesome, kart racing with a solid online community plus the user created tracks. I'm definitely pre-ordering this game. I can't wait.

DonCorneo3770d ago

i've play hundreds of lbp stages that are but than the levels that came in the box

now, if this game came out on the crapbox, it'll be a different story. you'd see levels with obscene figures, which the xbot brain is fixated on (i.e. penises)