Three Killing Machines of 2010

2010 will bring some of the most amazing games of this generation. But surprisingly we will see quite a few action adventure games. I'd like to single out three of these games. Each game comes out one of the first three months in 2010. January, February, and March. These games have been selected for the violence, story and game content. For me, all 3 are MUST BUYS!!!!! One of these brutal games is exclusive to the PS3. Usually there is a small drought for go games after Christmas. But 2010 brings the new year in swinging and killing everything.

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Dipso3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

The spotlight will certainly be on Kratos, not only will GOW3 have to live up to, and surpass, its predecessors, now it will have two very promising action adventure titles to be measured against. I'm sure Santa Monica is more than up the task.

Although I doubt my cash flow will be, this could be the first time I'll be buying a new game for three months in a row.