Diablo 2 High Resolution patch, best thing since sliced bread

Gamer Limit writes "Craving Diablo III? Want to try and fill the void until its release? Well for those of us who want some classic hacking & slashing action, but aren't willing to play Diablo II in the old cruddy 800 x 600… The High Resolution (Multi-res) patch comes to the rescue.

The Multi-res patch allows you to play Diablo II in any resolution supported by your monitor, there are a few caveats but nothing that stops the awesomeness of high res Diablo."

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JQ3764d ago

This makes me unreasonably happy.

ThanatosDMC3764d ago

I wonder if i should play the game again... I did delete all my characters permanently. Had a lv86 Necro with Bramble armor or whatever had a lv19 Thorns rune armor. I forgot.

Guido3764d ago

It's hard to get into Diablo 2. I might have to give this a try and see how it works out.

zagibu3764d ago

Diablo2 is so much better than Titan Quest.

shadowfish3764d ago

Diablo 2 is nowhere near as good in high resolution, not only do you need to alter all the awareness stats of every monster, but it ruins such skills as teleport, and makes the game ridiculously more easy, considering you can see what's at least twice the distance ahead of you as what you normally could.

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TheGameLlama3764d ago

but the people get so small at high resolution! It's like Diablo 2: Munchkin Wars.

chrisjc3764d ago

I still play Diablo II every so often. It looks like I'll be going back early!

Go Gaming Giant3764d ago

I tried to play DIablo 2 a few months back and couldn't get into it

Vintrus3764d ago

I just need to get my Diablo CDs back from my brother

-MD-3764d ago

How about a Starcraft high res patch?

syvergy3764d ago

I agree, I would definitely go for this.

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