Electronic Arts CEO calls Sony's PS3 price cut, timing 'great move'

John Riccitiello, the CEO of video game publisher Electronic Arts, says Sony's decision to cut the price of the PlayStation 3 is a "bold move done precisely at the right time."

Sony Corp. said Tuesday it is cutting the price of the console by $100, bringing the 80-gigabyte version to $299 effective immediately. A slimmer PS3 with a larger hard drive launches in a few weeks, also for $299...

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Sunny_D3763d ago

There's the third party answer, lol. Now, it's 1ST,2ND,and 3RD parties all welcoming the price cut.
I just love posting this...

chaosatom3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Here is WAKKA's post.

Activision is going to be like: "Umm, We will now be officially releasing COD4 on PS3 (which we were planning to do anyway regardless of price)"

Sunny_D3763d ago

Yea, somebody is impersonating th real WAKKA. This one is a 360 troll. The other is a Ps fan. Wakka/=/Wakka_

umair_s513763d ago

Its good to see EA right behind Sony nowadays. I smell a PS3 exclusive coming...

BulletToothtony3763d ago

even thou HATERS say it's too late.. sony is doomed.. as if there was a dead line..

From a business point of view.. they waited as much as possible giving their investors some money back and now when the manufacturing costs have gone down they've done it asap.. Bold AND precise are very good accurate descriptions..

good job sony..

frnkyl3763d ago

You'd have to be retarded to say that it's too late for Sony. As of right right now, haters are grasping for straws to find ways to complain about Sony.

PataponKnight3763d ago

Everything just keeps getting better and better for sony. Its just funny now that EA is seen in a good light somewhat and activision is the goat :D.

BattleAxe3763d ago

I'd like to see Bobby Kotick eat his hat now!

steck673763d ago

Whatever happened to PP? it was so much fun messing with him because it was so obvious he was still a 12 year dropout.

On topic: EA is becoming a respectable company, especially compared to Activision with Kotex, oops... I mean Kotick running the business. I just played Dead Space and it was so refreshing to have a horror game that actually made me jump quite a few times. Then there is Bad Company which I personally think is better than CoD and I still play time to time. Also not to mention Burnout Paradise; one of the funnest arcade racing this gen IMO.

eagle213763d ago

CNET and Forbes can go play halo "tea bag" together.

SolidAhmed3763d ago

This is a good comment

From a giant

saint_john_paul_ii3763d ago

its not exclusives, its just a bigger reason for EA to bring the Mass Effect franchise to the PS3

ThanatosDMC3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Now we want Dead Space 2! Yes, i want co-op! If they can somehow make it co-op and scary, then it'll be a billion times better than RE5!

But they better not make the game mandatory co-op game like if you're not online you'd have to deal with a brainless AI. Just let co-op be optional. I hated it when Sheva killed herself running to the sun laser beam thing and when she used a first aid spray on a little wound.

ultimolu3763d ago

And they're nowhere to be found.

Ah, I love fresh ownage in the morning.

shawnsl653763d ago

Bet you Sony let Rockstar in their lil secret ever since GTA4 was in testing. Secrets which involved ps3 slim, price cut, Agent exclusivity, and profit for Rockstar, step by step which leads to a very profitable future.

DARK WITNESS3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

the guy is 100% spot on, it is a great move.

Lets see what MR Kotick has to say to Sony now.

At to all the haters going on about the ps3 being doomed or too late to do a come back.... i mean really,just leave it alone.

I don't see how the ps3 could be doomed when it has not even converted half of the ps2's user base. If the 360 had "stollen" them all then that would be another case, but lets be real here, we know that has not happened either. I am not a numbers whore, so correct me if i am wrong but if the 360 is currently at about 31 million give or take and the old xbox was at what about 26 million or so. then thats only an extra 5 million... give or take. anyway, you get what i mean. feel free to take all my bubbles, block me and banish me to the open zone ( noooooooo) if my logic is wrong. all i am saying is i don't think MS have taken a HUGE number off the ps2's user base so they are still there for Sony.

Even though i like the 360 more and i am more of a 360 fan, even i can see sony still has a huge consumer base thats just been sitting there waiting. waiting for what has now happened. And now that the ps3 is sporting a very good line up of games, i don't see why anyone would really hold back.

Now is a great time to own both systems and i just don't see any excuse for anyone not to. Even if you are a fanboy it won't hurt to own both and at least if you are going to throw a fanboy comment you can do so on the bases that you have actually played the game on the respected system.

The flip side to this is now we are going to be hearing all this " its all over for 360 blah, blah, blah " which again is just as retarded ! while there have been lots of ps3 is doomed articles, lets not forget how many times we have heard 360 is finished once this happens, it's all over for the 360 once this game comes out... and the 360 is still here. If M$ have proved anything its that they are here to stay and they can put up a fight.

if people don't have anything constructive to say, say nothing at all ! try "jumping in and playing beyond!"

hardmetal3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

1- Speak when it's needed and be positive.
2- Never ruin the market stability by non-sense comments.
3- Look as a charming man in your own picture. lol

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zok3103763d ago

No one made any real major announcements so Sony's message stands alone on the air waves, the message will have time to sink in, and by the time shopping season comes most people will have already made the decision to pick up a $299 PS3 1st and foremost despite any other announcements from the competition.

Saaking3763d ago

Of course it's a great move. I'm sure EA and other third party devs are very excited. Let's see Activision try and drop support now haha.

-Mezzo-3763d ago

lol, i am sure soon Activision will do an interview in which they will try to kiss up to Sony again.

Saaking3763d ago

Someone said a while ago in an Activision thread that Activision would go around bragging that they made Sony drop the price. If they do that then they're just really pathetic.

saimcheeda3763d ago

pissed himself when he saw the slim ps3!!

El Botto3763d ago

And Sony's price move is right around the corner of the holidays with great line ups like

- Uncharted 2
- Modern Warfare 2
- Tekken 6
- Assassins Creed 2

But also right in line for the MEGA blockbusters, aka "the game that will move millions of PS3s"

- Gran Turismo 5
- God of War 3
- Final Fantasy 13

Not to mention of the legions of other games such as
Bioshock 2
Dead Rising
Ninja Gaiden 2
White Knight Chronicles
Tales of V

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that PS3 has a real bright future ahead.

299 Slim is being sold at a PROFIT too. Meaning Sony just turned the PS3 into the wii.

Great days ahead. All developers are excited. Especially with motion controlls coming.

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qface643763d ago

honestly if i had to be stuck in an elevator with either him or boby i would chose this guy

i don't know much about him but he seems like an ok guy

theEnemy3763d ago

I'd like to see what will happen in that elevator.


PataponKnight3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Sucks if he had just eaten a burrito...

qface643763d ago

lol that indeed made me laugh xD

thematrix12983763d ago

EA got some good sales from PS3 so some love for us I guess :p