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iHZ writes: "To be honest, I'm still not crazy about Home and still don't see myself spending very much time there but that's not to say that I will frequent it from time to time as I do now to see how it is evolving. I think the new features and future plans for Home are shaping out to be great and I can now see the appeal that it has on many people who frequent it alot. I can also understand how some people might now like the service as well. It's definitely not for everyone.

But watching it slowly progress there's no doubt that Home really is improving."

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chaosatom3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I think home will succeed if they could have mini-games that involve lots of people like poker or buzz quiz.

Xi was fun but it could be done alone. Having group mini-games would be a fun thing to do.

3768d ago
kapedkrusader3767d ago

...with the next update Home will give you the option of using 3,5,8 or 12gb (something like that) from your HDD specifically for Home. This will reduce all the loading and waiting, drastically. And it's optional, if you don't use Home, then keep it at 3gb or delete it completely.

sloth33953768d ago

I just tried to log into home and it had to update

Kill Crow3768d ago

and then get used to re-downloading areas ....

HOME is crap ... what on earth were they thinking?>

The only improvement I could think of would be to allow porn ... that or just remove it altogether ...

Typical-Guy3767d ago

@ Kill Crow

Dude you're sick, you bought a gaming machine for " PORN " !

Why do people sometimes think with their d i c k $?