PS3 Slim Ad Copies Photographs, Features Rumored Drug Users

Kotaku writes...... In its native Japan, the PS3 Slim ad machine is kicking into high gear with a slick campaign. Yet, as with many past Sony promotions, this one is already drawing controversy.

Title "Play Face", the campaign is pays homage (rips off?) to artist Phillip Toledano's series of video game photographs of gamer's O-face. About his original photos, Toledano said this, "I wanted to take portraits of people that would reveal a hidden part of their character. So I had them play video games."

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LordMarius3763d ago

WTF did I just watched
Cant wait to see the US ads

P.S. Sony dont screw this up

TheHater3763d ago

What US ads? I have not seen a PS3 ad since last November.

sonarus3763d ago

lol. Yea sony sucks at advertising. But hey at least this one doesn't feature a thumb penis

Dragun6193763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Wow, that was weird, they should of just had all of them having a great time playing with PS3 in like the living room, it would of made all those facial expressions feel less freaky.

Other than that, I think Every gaming site has advertised the PS3 Slim way back when it leaked following with rumors and mock ups of the PS3 slim .

I mean come on there's even videos of PS3 Slim being unboxed the same day it was announced, hows that for advertising.

3763d ago
chaosatom3763d ago

This is the thing they need to get good at.

Venomish3763d ago

almost every ps2 and ps3 game page on features ps3 slim.
that's a very good strategy
they just need to advertise in walmart and tv

Domenikos3763d ago

NICE... but CREEPY...

SONY ftw

bpac1234567893763d ago

That's the creepiest sh** i've ever seen.!?????!!

SRU96003763d ago

It's commercials like these that make me think that Sony WANTS to be in third place. lol

Seriously, who would watch that and come away wanting a PS3?
If anything, it is going to creep people out and turn them off.

All fanboyism aside, Sony needs to fire its entire Playstation marketing team and start over. Enough is enough.

morganfell3763d ago

Kotaku thinks Sony screwed something up? Why am I not surprised that would be their worthless opinion.

Guido3763d ago

He sold more albums. So what happens when Sony makes a crazy ad? They sell more consoles. Plain and simple.

rockleex3763d ago

It feels like the second launching of the PS3. It has FINALLY reached the PS2's original launch price.

In case you forgot how amazing the PS9 commercial was, especially compared to Sony's other commercials, here's a video of it. ^_^

It would be very fitting, especially with the PS Eye, Sony Motion Controller, and 3D coming to PS3.

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PirateThom3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I wish these ads were worldwide. I like them.

Or these

-Mezzo-3763d ago

That ad was creepy man, i didn't even understood what (WELCOME TO THE 3RD PLACE) means.

Nitrowolf23763d ago

XD i did not understand that. lol this makes me want to make one of those, its so dam random

LordMarius3763d ago

well just replace PS2 with PS3 and it will make more sense ;)

Ri0tSquad3763d ago

I was just about to say that. Creepy commercial though.

kingOVsticks3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I had a really bad feeling about this. Everything was going so right, If Sony marketing F_cks this up , I swear I will let loose the mutha fckin hounds. Cuz that is B_ull_shit,that made no Fckin sense what so fckin ever. I understand its teaser but dammnit just show the games! Yes I am not a happy camper,it is not fair to damn system. Does BK advertise floating turtles and tibbethen hookers playing yahtzii poorly? hell naw BK show big as_s juicy burgers.

Sonys marketing team needs to learn a thing or two from this guy

pixelsword3763d ago

When he said "deliciousable" I lost it.

That was funny as all get out.

xabmol3763d ago

Or, how about that crying baby?

Sony seems to want their commercials to make an impact. Or just plan mess with your head...

PS3Freak3762d ago

Damn, that guy is toooo funny.

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Nitrowolf23763d ago

lol that was funny and messed up

-Mezzo-3763d ago

i mean i don't even get this ad let alone. the one linked by PirateTHom.

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