Xbox Evolved: Shadow Complex Review

XboxEvolved writes: "Shadow Complex is the last game to be released in this years Summer of Arcade. It's a "metroid-vania" game by Chair, the creators of Undertow, and Epic Games. It's not often at all that we see games in this Genre, the only other title on XBLA is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which came out on the Playstation 1 and Sega Saturn. Shadow Complex really brings a lot of ideas from the Metroid series to XBLA and brings enough changes to really make this game feel new and unique."

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Blaze9293764d ago

just tried out the trial earlier today and i must say this game is AMAZING. Possibly one of if not THE best XBLA title to date.

N4PS3G3764d ago

You are right ..the reviewers are right...and the one that disagrees is just jealous ;)

Cajun Chicken3764d ago

As I said on another review up on N4G, the demo is a great taster. Just couldn't help but buy the full package. Massive size though, only got about 4GB left now.

D3adcell3764d ago

Yeah it's 800MB but well worth it, the game is awesome.

-MD-3764d ago

Damn it's that big?!