GDC Europe: NCSoft's Jee On Aion's Genesis

In a GDC Europe talk, NCSoft's Yongchan Jee intriguingly discussed the creation of Aion, the upcoming subscription MMO from the City Of Heroes and Lineage publisher, explaining the design elements that have made it a Korean hit.

The PC online title, which has been a notable success in the Korean market and is launching in the West in late September, is the first major in-house developed release for Seoul-headquartered MMO creator since Lineage 2.

Lead designer Jee explained that there was no major MMO success in South Korea after Lineage 2 and World Of Warcraft, and the larger 'AAA' subscription MMO market was in the process of stagnating in the country. The success of more 'casual'-style online games meant that microtransactions were getting more and more popular.

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