MIGS 2009: Yoichi Wada Headlines Speaker Line Up

NextGen Player:

"This past week, the Montreal International Game Summit announced its line up of five main speakers who will be presenting to event attendees. Headlining this very established and well respected group of key speakers is Yoichi Wada, the Chairman and CEO of Square-Enix.

The complete list of main speakers include:"

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Megaton3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Hope the crowd bombards him with rotten fruit. He's turned Square into a shell of its former self.

KingHippo193766d ago

I'll be attending the event. Do you have any favoured fruits you want flung at him?

iamtehpwn3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I can never forgive that bastard for turning my childhood favorite game developer into the nightmare it is now.

A combination of his poor business decisions,
and the company's lack of quality recently.

The Last Remnant...Even on High end PCs, it still has a texture pop-in problem. WTF. My ass is still bleeding from the butt rape that game was.

GameGambits3766d ago

Paulhunter all you need to squeeze out of him is information on when the beta for FF14 will start and what month they plan to release it in the USA.

Also ask him if we could get more FFVersus 13 information. Oh and tell him to stop porting over 203948320 year old games and make good new IPs or at least bring a sequel to something like the Chrono series or The World Ends with You or Kingdom Hearts 3.

Oh and throw in that Nier game or w/e is going to fail miserably in the west so have them cancel it now. It has waste of cash written all over it.

3766d ago Replies(1)