PS3 Slim Hitting Early?

We all know that the 80gb PS3 is sold out almost nationwide and stores will not be receiving any more of them. This could mean nearly two weeks of no PS3s on shelves being a loss for Sony, especially with all of the current hype. Sony already has PS3 slims manufactured and boxed, but have yet to ship them out. Could Sony possibly decide to release it earlier than expected to meet up with the demand?

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chaosatom3766d ago

It can change anytime whnever gamespot wants.

sonarus3766d ago

It will take a while to get rid of ALL the PS3's already shipped by sony. Just because its not stocked in stores at the moment doesn't mean there aren't still PS3's in circulation. I expect the 80GB PS3 to be in circulation till after the slim drops where sony will probably drop the price even more to 250 to clear stock for good

spongeboob3765d ago

Well the Bestbuy here in Canada has the estimated release date as Aug 26. It will be interesting come next Tuesday/Wednesday with the release of Batman AA which Bestbuy Canada has at $38 and the new PS3. It's going to be a madhouse.

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

lol are you implying batman will help sell PS3?
PS3 slim will sell itself. Expect strong advertising with all the PS3 games Madden 10, COD, Uncharted 2 ROTC and the upcoming ones featured such as heavy rain MAG e.t.c Sony if they can get a good ad campaign should have a strong xmas season

blind-reaper3765d ago

Gamestop have an ETA aug 24 I guess Sony will ship consoles whenever consoles start to scarce

raztad3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )


Nope, I think you misread him. He is saying that Batman:AA is at $38 <---Look at the number carefully, it doesnt ring a bell? :D and additionally Slim PS3 released the very same day will be an absolutely crazy day at Best Buy. He is right obviously, and I think is safe to say that at this stage the Slim will sell alone, it doesnt need to come with any game.

indysurfn3765d ago

I pity the fool that gets the george forman PS3 instead of the newer, cooler, less electricity bill causing, larger hard drive having PS3 slim.

ElVeneno3765d ago

...i was unaware gamespot was responsible for release dates of consoles. ;) i kid

rockleex3765d ago

This is like the second launching of the PS3. It has FINALLY reached the PS2's original launch price.

In case you forgot how amazing the PS9 commercial was, especially compared to Sony's other commercials, here's a video of it. ^_^

It would be very fitting, especially with the PS Eye, Sony Motion Controller, and 3D coming to PS3.

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Nitrowolf23766d ago

not only them but other retail have it as the 25th

offtopic: wtf my local target is not aware of the price drop, i told the dude and he said there was no price drop.

-Mezzo-3766d ago

They might be trying to rack in some extra

LinuxGuru3766d ago

Simple. Don't buy from Target lol.

NewScratch3765d ago

i was just at target and the 80gb was still $399

xtreampro3766d ago

Nitrowolf2 don't worry about it. I'll go over to your Target store and give them a nice juicy slap across the face.

Hutch23553766d ago

Had 10 of them on the shelves today, and my local walmart had 5 sitting in the locked cabinet. Of course I do live in Billings Montana, but hey, there not sold out everywhere.

rhood0223766d ago

Two Best Buys near downtown Dallas and a Gamestop in Arlington too.

Hutch23553766d ago

about it. Hey its not a knock on the ps3 I am just saying the article is misleading, its not out everywhere, and since I posted that I called the other walmart, they have them, target, they got em, gamestop, they got em, kmart they got em shopko, they got em. I of course will wait for the slim so I can have another ps3 for my bedroom. I just don't get fanboys on either side, say something that might desicrate there all powerfull system and you get a disagree, what a bunch of children. Why I even mess with this sight is beyond me, well it is entertaining to see the trolls and fanboys get there panty's in a wad over every other article on this site.

aceitman3765d ago

go and take a pic and have a current advertisment with the pic showing the 80 gig for all we know u mught have seen the 160 gig instead of the 80

Hutch23553765d ago

Just go to and choose a store to get it at, if they got it it will show, and billings montana still shows that they have them in stock right now. Not that hard to figure out, you can type in any city and yes some are out, but most that I have typed in show in stock. And trust me from past experience with this, if it says they got it they do. There system is updated in real time. Why am I even bothering. Fanboys. Good God.

Ju3765d ago

How can you get 6 disagrees from Billings? You're only 5 up there, no ? LOL (sorry, I had to say it j/k).

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GrandDragon3766d ago

I think Sony should send out more 80GB models to get more cash...

This Year is the definitive year of Sony

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