Rumor: PS3 Slim Getting Backwards Compatible through Download? (Emulator)

JPS Reports: "Gamestop employees have been hinting to us that according to a sales sheet, Gamestop will have the PS3 Slim and that backwards compatibility will indeed be coming through a download. This is of course not an official confirmation as to whether this will be through the firmware or through an application or emulator that can be bought Playstation Store..."

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chaosatom3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

It can be through PSN where u just buy the game.
It can be through software/emualtion where u insert the cd.

Blaze9293761d ago

Do we need to stop yapping about backwards compatibility?

"It's not coming back, so let me put that on the table," Koller says with an air of finality. But it's all people ever talk about!

"That won't be returning," he repeats.

Nitrowolf23761d ago

that not the first time we heard that , price cut was denied many times

Reibooi3761d ago


Putting in simply the guy is wrong. Sure the PS3 has a great line up now but that doesn't mean backwards compatibility is any less important for the user. If no one cared we would not be hearing about it every 5 seconds now would we?

deadreckoning6663761d ago

Ummm....if anyone wants it that bad ill trade em my 60gb for a slim :)

cmrbe3761d ago

they will phase out the PS2 in another year or two. Phase out PS2, Bing back BC and then offer PS2 collection on PSN. What do you guys think?. Will retailers still sell PS2 games once Sony pulls the plug?.

However, i kinda argee with Blaze. Koller was quite blunt with his response which surprised me. I expected something alone thine line its a possibility in the future but he just said no full stop.

Wizeguy213761d ago

when ps2 gets discountinued, is the time we will get backwards compatability.. Mark it on your calendars

ia_studio3761d ago

If they announce that this week all xbox fans will kill themselves.

Beast_Master3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

So now the price cut comes and the articles of the #2 complaint surface. Here we go again. Sony just needs to nip this stuff in the but. All they need now is this stupid software emulator and cross game chat and this $hit will finally end.

Who am I kidding then it will be that x-media bar is to complicated or headsets and HDMI cables are not pre-packaged in with the system... It will never end.

cmrbe3761d ago

Why did Sony really removed BC?. Was it to sell more PS2 consoles or to save money?. Could it be both?. PS2 is in its ninth Year going to ten. Just last month the x360 matched the PS2 play time in NA according to Neilsen, the first time ever a current gen console matched the PS2! amazing if you think about it and it makes me wonder if Sony will ever pull the plug on the PS2. Heck Madden and Fifa are still being released on the PS2. Anyone still wonder why publishers love ten year cycle plans? lol!.

Perhaps koller wanted to stop people from not buy PS2 if he said that BC will be back someday. On the flip side he might have actually stopped some people from buying a PS3 that were thinking that BC would eventually be back on the PS3.

It is weird. The PS3 is now within the price range of some people that were buying the PS2 because of price or is it?. What do you guys think?. I was thinking that this would be the perfect time for Sony to roll out PS2 BC to get that huge PS2 fanbase that are still playing the PS2 to migrate to the PS3 with the PS3 being affordable now as well as the PS2 nearing it end or so i thought.

But then what do i know?. Sony are the masters in this business. They know what they are doing.

Kassanova073761d ago

Sony has patented it along with job listings :)

meepmoopmeep3761d ago

i'm just gonna get another ps2.

my 60GB is BC but yeah, i'm gonna get a ps2 for those and ps1 games

indysurfn3761d ago

If it is only PS3 slim, then there is another reason to wait on the ps3 slim. Plus the cooler system, using less electricity (smaller bill), not the PS3 may be smaller than the xbox360 instead of the biggest console box since the 3d0, plus it will be $100 cheaper. Man I would not like to be the person stuck with the old system because I could not wait one to three weeks!

uie4rhig3761d ago

if the guys of PCSX2 can do it by reverse engineering demos, sony will be able to do it with ease since they know exactly how the games work, and how the ps2 works.. tbh.. i think PS2 backwards compatibility coming through the PSN is inevitable. It's just something sony doesn't want to lose out on.. if it doesn't come before sony stops supporting the PS2, it will most certainly after Sony stops PS2 support

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jack_burt0n3761d ago

why would the head of sce marketing state "Ps2 compatibility on ps3 is off the table" today?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3761d ago

If it were 'on the table' they'd still be working on it.

'Off the table' means its done and they are moving on to other things.


JPS doesn't know what the F they are talking about.

Flip a coin in HOME for me and you'll know as much as everyone else.

rhood0223761d ago

You usually have to take these corporate types' comments with a grain of salt. I mean, how many times did they say "no price cut" until it happened?

xtreampro3761d ago

umm? I don't know if you've been living under a rock for the past 2 months but Sony have already worked out how to do B.C using the Cell Processor without the need of any PS2 components actually being inside the PS3. There have been dozens of patents coming from Sony and the last patent showed that Sony finally hit the jack pot and know how to do it.

It's just a matter of 'WHEN' they'll bring it back and not 'HOW' because they have already worked it out.

chaosatom3761d ago

if you used the reply button up there


and Yes I have been gone for a month or so.

keysy4203761d ago

wtf what type of game is marvel vrs capcom 2 ps2 can you play this on your system now yes. that means you can play ps2 games on your ps3 now if the system will read the disk that would be amaizing .

PirateThom3761d ago

Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a port of the Dreamcast version of MvC2, designed to run on PS3.

presto7173761d ago

Any true gamer's dream.

ElementX3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I never owned a PS2. Are you saying I shouldn't play Ico, Shadow of Colossus, or the Metal Gear games?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3761d ago

my PSP to play PS1 games either but what is the number one downloaded game for PSP right now...A PS1 game.

SONY is leaving ALOT of money on the table if they don't find a way to at least emulate PS2 downloadables.

GrammarPolice3761d ago

Two PS2 games I've put time in recently on are NBA Street 2 and SSX Tricky. There may be similar PS3 versions of these types of games out there (Street Homecourt, Shaun White) but the PS2 games are just plain fun to play, notwithstanding the graphics. Also, if you want to swap PS2 Singstar discs in with your PS3, you need BC. It would be a good move for Sony to make this available to all PS3s; everyone likes to have options.

Venomish3761d ago

if you want to play ps2 games, just go buy a ps2.
if you want to play ps3 games, just go buy a ps3.
if you want to play xbox360 or xbox games, just go buy an xbox360

how hard is that

and for whiny fanboys, xbox360 does not play ps2 games so why buy it???? because it seems the main reason you are whining about ps3 is because it doesn't play ps2 games.
ops I forgot fanboys' brains can't handle the reasoning I just made here. whatever

GrammarPolice3761d ago


Not all games are exclusive to one system. By your logic, if you wanted to play all Singstar games, you would buy a PS3 and a PS2 separately, despite the existence of a PS3 that can play both.

Don't be so closed minded- that is the mark of a fanboy.

ElementX3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I'm not buying a PS2 to play a few games. What a waste of money. See the logic I made here? Wanting BC doesn't make someone a fanboy.

Venomish3761d ago

"By your logic, if you wanted to play all Singstar games, you would buy a PS3 and a PS2 separately, despite the existence of a PS3 that can play both."
yes, thats exactly what you would have to buy. or just buy a BC ps3 from ebay, but probably buying a ps3 and ps2 would be cheaper now.
so with $100 price cut, you can use $50 of that saved 100 and get a used ps2.
you could use emulators... not that i recommend it though
anyways what I'm saying is, not buying a ps3 because it doesn't play ps2 games is just moronic. if you don't find ps3 games appealing etc, then it is fine I can't argue with tastes.

"Wanting BC doesn't make someone a fanboy"
that's right, it doesn't. It also doesn't make any sense to not get a ps3 because it doesn't have BC.


ElementX3761d ago

I own a PS3. I'm not going to buy a last-gen system when the PS3 should be able to emulate

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