Forget PSP price cuts

Of course, if the console has been so successful, why doesn't it feel like it? Probably because, almost uniquely amongst games platforms, PSP has sold on the strength of the hardware not software. That's not to say there haven't been excellent games on Sony's portable ? there have been plenty ? but primarily, people have bought a PSP to put the PlayStation brand in their pocket and for the potential of that big screen.Good or even great games don't define games machines ? iconic titles do. Even the Xbox had Halo. Microsoft's first console also had, belatedly, Xbox Live, the multiplayer match-up innovation that further punched Xbox above its weight...

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Lord Anubis4490d ago

why is there a picture of a game that has nothing to do with the PSP?

Inasid4490d ago

Ha ha, I thought that was very amusing...

consolecrusader4490d ago

Ok seriously people buy the PSP becuase it is a total entertainment system. If your the parent of a 5-12 year old which are you buying for your kid? Of course a DS. Nintendo has the loweraged demographic in the bag because they outnumber the older adult playing gamers.

Also PSP is huge for it's homebrew. Not to mention with firmware changes your PSP can be a

NES/SNES/Turbo Graphic 16/Neo Geo/Genesi/GBA SP/DS

all in one :)

ITR4490d ago

Well Homebrew doesn't sell games.
My friend DL's all his games.
He's only bought like 2 games in two yrs.

Ages 5-40 is more the DS demographic.
I would say homebrew is bigger on the DS mainly because people are using it now to make music.
Check out 8-bit operators.

With a M3 you can DL any game rom, change your work space, play music and videos.
Not sure about TG-16 and NG emu's, but we do have NES and SNES emu's.

Cartesian3D4490d ago

HOW MUCH impressiv it is..

when Home release and MGS4 and GTA4(romur) use it as an optional , it will be more AMAZING.

now u can use it with ur Ps3 as amazing too . 360 users(me) want to have same with ZUNE but 360 doesnt have WiFi..

gta_cb4490d ago

just to let you know, you can actually use your PSP as an Xbox 360 remote :D lol seriously you can as i have, unfortinatly its better as a remote controller (not a games controller) as there is the lack of 2 analog sticks and the left/right triggers. but still you can use your PSP to control your Xbox 360 :D

you need to have custom fw or fw 1.50 to run the program, and the program is called pspirshell or may be refered to as just irshell. check it out :D

gta_cb4490d ago

the PSP is an amazing piece of hardware i own a PSP fw 3.02 OE-A and with it being custom fw i can run ALL kinds of homebrew and go back to fw 1.50 EASILY, i hope that if Sony bring out a PSP2 (and it would be pretty stupid if they didnt) i hope its like the PSP (with custom fw and homebrew as some people buy the PSP just to run homebrew! :D