Batman Arkham Asylum for $38.83 on release day in Canada

We as Canadians are accustomed to getting the shaft when it comes to deals and pricing in general when compared to our neighbours in the south. Video game retailers have taken advantage of the fluctuations of the economy and the resulting exchange rate by pushing up the price of new video games by $10 to $69.99. But it is welcoming to see that a highly anticipated title, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be selling for only $38.83 on launch date at certain retailers.

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meepmoopmeep3767d ago


g'Oh Canada! Our home and native land....

lord_of_balrogs3767d ago

Nice, I guess this really is a first day purchase.

AKNAA3766d ago

I was considering buying this game when the price drops a bit, but now that I know this insane deal, First day purchase for me!!!

Rockox3766d ago

I thought the demo was ok, but it didn't blow me away. But for $40, I'm getting this game on release day for sure.

They should really have more incentives like this for games. For years now retailers have had deals for DVDs where the release day purchase is about $10 less than normal pricing.

Johnny Rotten3767d ago

this calls for a celebration! with all the savings you can get yourself some good canadian beer!!

Fatal Blow3767d ago

We as uk are accustomed to getting the shaft when it comes to deals and pricing in general

BattleAxe3767d ago

So I guess when I go to buy MW2 its going to be $79.99........what a pile of crap.

cyclindk3767d ago

So that's 38 Pesos right? They use Pesos in Canada, don't they.

Sigh3767d ago

It's Canadian DOLLARS. Do some research.

Anyways, what a great deal. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase one at that price.

sulack3766d ago

no you idiots your supposed to say haha to comments like these. anyways. and awsome for the price

AKNAA3766d ago

but really... pesos????

BX813766d ago

Wow! So sad to read your comment! Good for you guys on the price tip. The demo was great.

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