NZGamer: EyePet Hands-on

NZGamer writes: "The pet has a lot of character and it's safe to say that people are going to get quite obsessive about their furry little pals. For the little ones, parents don't need to worry as their e-pet won't be able to die. It can get sick however and owners will need to give the pet some attention in order to get him or her active and happy again. To do this, you can pick up a card and turn it into an x-ray machine, which scans your pet as you hover over it showing bones and organs. The effect is very cool and highlighted areas of your pet will allow you to diagnose what's wrong with it. For families, EyePet allows for up to 4 profiles as well so everyone can have their own little furry friend. We look forward to trying out all the other little activities in the full game soon! But at this stage it certainly looks like one for the Xmas wish-list".

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