Modern Pastimes 'Alienating Kids'

A new report from charitable organization Save the Children has delivered a damning verdict on the effects that modern pastimes like gaming have on youngsters.

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neogeo4490d ago

He will get to play games on weekend after football practice and homework only.
I don't want to re make the same mistakes my folks did with me.

Edge of Blade4490d ago

...excessive reading, poetry, writing, and studying have been shown to likewise stunt "development".

Another notch for "Truthiness". Seriously, they asked how people "feel" about these things. What do they want us to accept. That either the subject, the pollster, or the charity is qualified to make these decisions? Sounds like technophobes railing against change to me.

InMyOpinion4489d ago

It's because gaming is not high-brow culture. How much of a social past time is reading a book? Keep trying...