GameSpot: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wii Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Finally, the game also uses an upgraded version of the engine that has powered previous Call of Duty games on the Wii. Most notably, the textures are of a higher resolution than ever before, while the particle effects such as explosions have also been improved. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will arrive on the Wii in November 2009, and we hope to bring you a first hands-on soon".

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tunaks13770d ago

customizable controls, nice I'll definitely be picking this up, the Conduit controlled amazing and I'm sure this will to.

Gr813770d ago

Will be vindicated in its effect it has had on FPS controls on the Wii. This can't be stressed enough. The customizable settings were such a nice touch that now any FPS on the Wii that doesn't include this feature will feel gimped..We won't even begin to talk about daul analogue...

tunaks13770d ago

thus HVS accomplished their goal, it wasn't the greatest fps in existence, but it had a big impacted on Wii shooters and I see that developers are now following.

EvilTwin3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

No talking sense allowed, Arius. : P

Everyone complained "Conduit isn't Wii's Halo!" at first, but its influence won't be multiplayer or graphics, it's completely on the controls. Even with Conduit's critics, most read the Gamepro review and went "WTF? The controls are the best part."

And in five years, that's what the game will be remembered for -- the first console FPS to have controls precise and customizable enough to rival (but not top) a mouse and keyboard. It's going to be copied over, and over, and over again. And probably on the other consoles, too, once they get motion controls. That's a pretty big achievement.

But onto Modern Warfare...they're keeping ALL the online modes? OK, it's down to 10 players, but I'm still pleasantly surprised there!

It looks like COD4 will lose some of the high def graphics, the online number will go down to 10, and according to Nintendo Now voice chat is out...but it gains fully customizable IR/pointer controls, keeps the single player completely intact (while adding a drop in mode), and keeps every online mode.

This has gone from a "maybe I'll rent it" title to one I'm seriously considering as a first-day purchase.

Gr813769d ago

Fair enough, twin, no more sense talking allowed! ;)

I'd like to see this game in motion to get a better idea of the overall presentation and package..But it is creeping up my list of buys for this holiday season.

ChickeyCantor3769d ago

SO HVS has set a standard for FPS shooter on Wii.
If developers screw up now it shows their effort.

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Pandamobile3769d ago

Wii game or not, this looks absolutely disgusting.

EvilTwin3769d ago

"Gamescom version is a 'pre-beta' version. That means there's plenty of room for graphical improvement."


TruthbeTold3769d ago

for me is whether or not the game will have split screen multiplayer. I have no intention of buying a Wii version unless this feature is present. I want to play a solid fps on the Wii that has split screen multiplayer. The Wii hasn't had that yet. Not to mention this game will be to some extent gimped if they don't keep the feature.

Nugan3769d ago

Absolutely. During a period when I'll have a lot of games to select from and limited resources, it will be the presence or absence of split-screen that 100% resolves whether or not I buy this game. I passed on the Wii version of WaW for that reason. If a game, particularly an FPS can only offer me 5-7 hours of gameplay (since I cannot play online because I'm on dialup), then I will probably pass on it in favor of a game that can offer more.

FinalomegaS3769d ago

curious how many copies this will sell.

I want to see some reviews later on how this matches up with Conduits control.

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