Skip the PS3 Slim and get one of these Blu-ray laptops

Dan Ackerman of CNET writes:

"With all the buzz around the new "slim" version of Sony's PlayStation 3, you'd think Sony had an exciting new product on its hands, rather than a slightly smaller, somewhat cheaper version of the existing PS3 (and without any significant new features, or even the return of PS2 backward-compatibility).

If, like us, you've become addicted to the high-definition joy of Blu-ray movies, but your gaming tastes run more toward World of Warcraft, Sims 3, or even Plants vs. Zombies, we suggest taking a look at one of these Blu-ray equipped laptops, such as the Sony Vaio NW160J, detailed below."

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hay3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Weird, I may be wrong but I think they try to downplay PS3 using other Sony's product.

ViRaL-3763d ago

This is so sad... I mean really give Sony a break.

HighDefinition3763d ago


Those BR Laptops will be the best place to play GOW3, duh.

Greywulf3763d ago

Journalism is completely biased and retarded..

Buy a laptop instead of a game system?

Since 99% of the 360's games are on PC, couldn't the same be said?

Panthers3763d ago

I just want to say that their tastes in gaming SUCKS!

Trollimite3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

i fvcking hate CNET! the never have abything good to say about the ps3.

its starting to make me sick! mods will i get in trouble if i write "eat a d!ck CNET" ??? i dont want to get banned

shingo3763d ago

seriously what's wrong with cnet? this isn't the first time.

and lol @ the logic. it's not like your laptop will let you play ps3 games. the latter gives you both: awesome games + bluray.

Information Minister3763d ago

I always wondered which one CNET's staff hated the most: Blu-Ray or the PS3.

I guess now we now.

poopsack3763d ago

will this laptop play uncharted 2? no right? than STFU and GTFO

gamesR4fun3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

"Sure, they're all vastly more expensive options than the PS3's newly discounted $299, and if you're shopping based on price, this entire concept may be thinner than the PS3 Slim itself. But, for the extra money, you get not only Blu-ray, but also a 15- or 17-inch high-definition display and a fully functioning high-end PC. (Note that we'd skip the Panasonic DMP-B15K portable Blu-ray player, despite its laptop-like clamshell design."

Look if u need a laptop buy one but not for your primary b/r unless you wanna use it in the living room hooked up to your hi-def tv...
if u want kick ass games n the best b/r player around get a ps3. Not only is it way cheaper but hella sexier next to tv than a laptop.

heroicjanitor3763d ago

Now they are saying please don't buy a ps3, what about this? Or this? It's like they don't even want you to get a 360, they just don't want you to get a ps3. Illogical hate at it's finest.

morganfell3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

People like this guy are just jealous jerkwads really.

Seriously Dan, could you be a bigger lump in the bottom of the bowl? Pardon me while I pull the chain on you...

Skip cnet and read comics!

Winter47th3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I actually get amused by these articles, it shows how retarded people could get when they feel insecure. It's fun reading some of the most dumbest excuses and damage control you'll ever bump onto for a while.

Comparing a top quality entertainment Console with a Laptop, that's new, gotta hand it to that guy. Can't wait for his N-Gage vs Wii.

I_am_rushin3763d ago

Does a bluray laptop have to do with a PS3? Are they still saying PS3 is only a BD player?

In that case my $300 compaq is much better than a 360.

eagle213763d ago

Blu-ray killed HD DVD. :)


Genesis53763d ago

Well it's pretty pathetic that they have nothing left to fight with except smear campaigns.

CrazzyMan3763d ago


sonarus3763d ago

Or you can buy a nice laptop and a ps3 slim and play your games and watch blu ray movies for about the same price. WOW imagine that

ultimolu3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

This is pathetic...beyond pathetic.

Enough already with this crap.

Gothdom3763d ago

Lol, look at the comment posted @ 1:13pm PDT... angry dude, but then look at the response BY THE WRITER calling the first dude a sony fanboy.

He might or might not be one, but I thought that journalism should be done professionaly and not call a reader by names...

betcha3763d ago

I don't think this guy is trying to say, "hey don't buy the ps3."

I think he's just a freaking crap-tastic journalist who couldn't think of an interesting way to tie his review into the resent ps3 buzz.

I know if I had to write a laptop review, I would try and tie it into a major game related news story to get my view count up.

Dragun6193763d ago

Why would you buy a Laptop with a Blu-ray player when you can play both blu-ray and games when you get a PS3 not to mention all the exclusives it has.

You would only be missing out on all the PS3 exclusives.

Sarcasm3763d ago

Did I read the title right? All I see is

"Skip the Toyota Prius, and get one of these Lamborghini's"

morganfell3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Too late Dan. You are cannon fodder.

MNicholas3763d ago

... one of these:

Then, with all the money save from not having to buy wireless kits, online subscriptions, HDD upgrades, Wifi, etc., buy a PS3 AND a Wii.

darkknight09963763d ago

The greatest faller of this gen is the Journalism it is really bad only 2 or 3 sites that really brings games news.

if some how PS3 out sell 360 in global numbers you will see them so called journalism saying that numbers dose not matter and PS3 is 2nd to the WII which the have been ignoring for the last 2 years and still the PS3 is doomed.

Ri0tSquad3763d ago

I guess downplaying Sony products in some way or another has gave them hits. Just look at everyone trying to spin the price drop and the PS3 slim. Those articles have over a 1000 degrees or close and a have a ton of people commenting on them. If CNET wasn't biased, they would of replaced PS3 slim with 360 because 360 shares more games with PC. PS3 on the other hand has more exclusives that can only be played on PS3.

Nineball21123763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Somebody posted this on that article too:

"Another thing he and everyone else who is reading this should take notice of, is the xbox360 sponsorship on...wait for it...

Dan Ackerman, bought and paid for by xbox live marketplace!
Creditability, gone."

The guy is a stooge for MS. Not that he was trying to hide it or anything. Is there NO sense of decency in "journalism" these days? I swear these guys are MS toadies.

GameGambits3763d ago

If you helped approve this, write this, or in any support this article then you need to get access to a gun, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger.

Seriously christ o fu*king mighty mods. Do you just sit back and laugh after crap like this gets approved? Get it together and fu*king ban hammer this dbags site and hiphopgamer. Nothing good comes from either.

Eddie201013763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

A laptop that would allow you to play games that look as good as PS3 graphics would cost you at least $1,500.00, that's five times more than what a PS3 costs. plus you wouldn't be able to play exclusives like Uncharted 2, MAG, Ratchet and clank: A crack in Time, White Night Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Demon Souls, God Of War 3, Killzone 2, Resistence 2, Little Big Planet plus many more.

This is BS article designed to hinder PS3 sales, it would have made more sense to compare a Xbox 360 to a laptop rather than a PS3, because some the games available for PC are also only available for the Xbox 360.

I do believe Microsoft has financial interest in Cnet, along with NBC, G4 and probably quite a few other web sites and Media sources.

theEnemy3763d ago

and they even suggest playing games like WoW, Sims 3, or even Plants vs. Zombies.


Microsoft Xbox 3603763d ago

He's on MS's payroll. Not surprised he wrote such an article.

FamilyGuy3763d ago

Wow! Stealth troll attacks again.

They totally try to down play what they're doing by mention a sony laptop LOL

Nice try (not really...)

Guido3762d ago

CNET sucks. Do I need to say more?

Shani3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Now I will buy that laptop instead of new 120 gig PS3 and play my Killzone 2 and MGS4 on it... LoL.. not to forget Uncharted 2 when it comes out...

Thanks CNET.. :D

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Wakka_3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Who wants to buy an outdated machine/blu-ray player, ya?

@ below, I was talking about PS3.

TheColbertinator3763d ago

I disagree.The Sony VAIO has a great blu-ray player

lociefer3763d ago

wow CNET just officially pronounced themselves m$ slaves

Sunny_D3763d ago

Um, you do know the Ps3 is still the best Bluray player out there with BD LIVE, right? If people were buying a bluray player, they get more for their buck with a PS3: Games machine/ Blu ray player!

JustinSaneV23763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

@ suunyd 1.3

Laptop/PC =
- BluRay Player (Live support included) & Multimedia Device/Editor
- Gaming Machine
- Business Tool
- Email & Internet Access Device
- Emulator of most gaming consoles to date

pure pwnage243763d ago

bot have fun with your DVD 9 CAPABLE 360°C MINI SURFACE with a 54% failure rate without a single AAA title since the stone age.

quit sprayin buyer's remorse xD

Narutone663763d ago

Who would want to buy a defective DVD player which scratches your disc with 54% hardware failure rate and have a tendency to burn down your house? Right, only idiots.

ultimolu3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Shut the hell up.

Ilikegames763763d ago

"Who wants to buy an outdated machine/blu-ray player, ya? "
Ahh, probably the xbots after Sony released the PS4. Just like they did with the outdated DVD player Xbox 360.

xztence3763d ago

You're one retarded lowlife.

Move along no need to feed the troll anymore.

fuckoffodion3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

read your history. Yea, you're an idiot.

Oh yea, he's a piece of sh!t alright.

JustinSaneV23763d ago

@pure pwnage24

Were you talking to yourself? I don't see anyone your comment could have applied to.

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Sunny_D3763d ago

Wow, DESPERATE DAMAGE CONTROL! DESPERATE DAMAGE CONTROL! DESPERATE DAMAGE CONTROL! Why would somebody get a laptop when they can only play these awesome games on a Ps3? The bluray player is a plus, I'm pretty sure you can't play Uncharted on a laptop. Sigh, Nothing less to expect from CNET, which if the last time I checked, yup owned by Microsoft.

Wakka_3763d ago

Every site is owned by Microsoft.

Sunny_D3763d ago

Did I say every site? Don't change the subject. You know that Microsoft owns CNET. They're doing Damage control to bring the Ps3 hype down, which they are failing at. Comparing a Ps3 with exclusive games(YES CNET PS3 GAMES DON'T COME ON PC) to blu ray players.

The Wood3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )


Anyhoe seems MS will pull as many puppet strings as they can to quieten the hype...Not even 24 hours l8r and there are a spat of baseless opinion pieces. Im waiting for the 'Variety' article *checks breitling*


they have been in bed together for a long time now and it works by people having NO knowledge of who works with who. The common person may see an article like this and think ..'ok its just an article' whereas people who look a bit deeper into the rabbit hole see things like this for what they MAY be. Not every site is affiliated but anything under the viacom umbrella draws cynicism from me because if MS is known for doing anything better than most its media manipulation which includes advertising, deflection and most of the well used media tricks/tools.

So what you saying GEC, all ties with ms have dissolved yeah.....thats like saying valve and Gabe Newell are totally impartial because they aren't owned by ms or dont work for them anymore. (stupid analogy but you get my point) Its human nature to side with the former friend/colleague/company etc

Im trying to strike a balance between the 2 extremes. One of which is everything is corrupt/tainted my MS and the other is Nothing is tainted/influenced by MS. Sorry but i stand dead in the centre

Ldubbz3763d ago

The article itself is pretty silly, and kinda acknowledges that it is. If you wanna game on a PS3, then thats what you will get. Besides the fact that we are talking about completely different price ranges here. But for maybe a few people out there, it could apply.

Either way though, how is CNET owned by MS exactly? Not only did they compare one Sony product to another (is it just a PS3 bias then?). Its funny that the PC world is VASTLY, and I mean VASTLY populated by Windows machines, yet in most of their comparos they choose Mac. Or iPod vs Zune. Strange bias that is...

And btw, CNET, for the umpteenth time, is owned by CBS AKA Viacom (Paramount, CBS, MTV, Nick, etc.), and is a sister site of Gamespot as well as Metacritic. Last time I checked, MS didnt own Viacom.

nor was MS mentioned here or have anything to do with the article really. You might as well said Nintendo for that matter.

FireJackal3763d ago

I really hope they are owned by microsoft,because if not,that would mean that there are people that retarded,and that is really sad... =/

GiantEnemyCrab3763d ago

Enough with the FUD. MS has nothing to do with this.

"It was acquired by CBS Corporation in 2008 and its properties were merged into CBS Interactive."

Do you freaks dream about MS in your sleep? FFS!

Ldubbz3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

So because MS and Viacom have a deal concerning web advertising, that means that CNET is automatically biased? Is Gamespot as well? Metacritic?

In that same line of thought, Sony must be biased towards MS too, since they have a working relationship concerning PC's.

I really dont know why some of you want to buy into the whole conspiracy stuff, but obviously you do. With a company as ubiquitous as MS is, there's bound to be people they're partnered with. MS is probably partnered with more companies than almost any other. (Notice all of the goofy ass Windows vs. Apple laptop commercials...was that a Sony VAIO they were buying?!)

Funny though...since Viacom and MS are such good buddies, you would figure they would get them to fund and distrubite the Halo movie through Paramount. But strangely, they only talked to Universal and Fox. Go figure....


And also, for those of you that swear that CNEt has nothing nice to say about the PS3, that is also whiny kid BS. They have always, and still to this day, say the the PS3 is the best Blu-Ray player on the market, which is what partially led me to grab one myself.


Whats funny is that I have actually taken issue with their praise of the PS3 as a streaming media player, while the 360 does anything that the PS3 does and more in that sense, and has been for quite some time, and they dont give it enough credit sometimes. Most people know the 360 will play Netflix, but many are unaware that it will stream/play DIVX, h.264, AVI, etc. Not to mention act as a Media Center, as well as flwalessly play and read iPod/Zune with all playlist info to boot! (ok, ok...Im done...)

The Wood3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

im not saying its as black and white as that. Like I said i stand in the middle...whats to argue with. Remember the swag bags....they really existed you know. MS and any other company can use these tactics so its not beyond MS or any of their affiliates to 'help out' for lack of a better term. Dont tell me you're on the extreme end of 'No bias exists' please dont. Just because something isnt obvious or in our faces, doesn't mean its not real or doesn't exist.

If i just take this article at face value it makes no sense.. I mean im buying a games console to play games....what possible argument can you come up with to choose a laptop over a ps3 EVEN if you only want to watch movies. What about an Elite vs a laptop as like many have stated 90% of 360 games are on PC. Who would really want to hook up a laptop to the 50" everytime they wanted to watch a film anyway...cumon man. This article may not be them fudding for MS but it sure smells like it and even if it isn't its still a crap opinion in my eyes.

dont get me started on metacritic. I've been weary of them from before i knew they were affiliated with anybody else. No transparency so i cant trust them.

Cenobia3763d ago

I would be very interested in hearing your side of the argument here. Please let me know how you consider this a totally rational article, and not totally apeshit crazy.

I am sincerely interested in your totally unbiased opinion.

Ldubbz3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Im not out to paint some rosy picture of CNET or anyone else. BUt come on, swag bags? Really?

I just dont buy into this whole fabricated collusion of all these companies aligned with MS. Seems to me that the minute there is any negative---scratch that, less than stellar portrayal of the PS3 or a PS3 exclusive game, people in here go nuts with the bias label, or the conspiracy angle. It happened with EDGE, Eurogamer, and IGN or Gamespot when its convenient.

As for the article in question, I stated from the beginning it was silly, and its pretty much written as such. I myself own a PS3, and I sure as hell wasnt considering a laptop as an alternative.

I think people also need to realize that articles or blogs are a lot of times written for a different readership than the one here at N4G, but the stories get posted here. Bigger sites like CNET dont need N4G reposting their articles/blogs, and dont write them with N4G in mind. The smaller blogsites are a different story, and many of the 'writers' are members of N4G, who then submit their stories.

The Wood3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

and im sure you know the whole point about a conspiracy is that its hard to prove. I could prove Eurogamer + Edge are bias towards UK devs so what does that mean.....they can only be bias once or something?? Look at their scores (both of the sites i mentioned) of all of the games released by UK devs this gen on both platforms. You'll see they score higher than the average....coincidence and on average they rate ps exclusives lower than the average. Ill highlight ALL of the scores given to codemasters games. Im showing you this so its clear its not me making this a sony vs MS only thing but a human nature thing JUST like the Kayne n Lynch debacle (money). Lets not even forget the SHOE review (straight hate)

Im not even saying the organisations/publications on the whole are bias just some of the people who work within them. All i had to do to know 1UP were more in favor of the 360 was to watch the 1up shows. Surprisingly everybody especially 360 fans seems to notice that shane prefers the what do the rest prefer i ask??? anyway nice responses and plus 1

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mrv3213763d ago

It's gotten to the stage that the only thing to compete with Sony is Sony.

Also tell me this how is a £150 a small drop?

No new feature maybe not but they did forget 3.0 didn't they?

Isn't CNET owned or in partnership with Microsoft... so it's not strange there so negative to the PS3.

Why not buy both and skip the 360? That way you still get WoW which runs on most PC anyway, Plants vs Zombie pretty much runs on every PC... and Sims 3 which NONE of them requires a gaming PC!

They are saying you could play ALL those games on your PC and buy a PS3 or buy a new PC and have blu-ray playing which you get anyway on PS3.

W-k3763d ago

"It's gotten to the stage that the only thing to compete with Sony is Sony "... hahaha Nice one

LizardLicker3763d ago

Title sums it all, "Don't buy our rivals console, buy laptop its still Sony, you'll get Blue-Ray player bla bla bla oh yea, you'll need OS for this, here buy Windows (and sponsor new Jaspers mwahahahahahaha)".

Nitrowolf23763d ago

can you play PS3 games on it? no. and are there any Blu-ray games for pc? i dont think so.
this is very dumb, i can purchase any pc,