Developers Excited Over PS3 Slim and Price Drop

First and second-party developers from Sony are excited about the Playstation 3 Slim and the new price point.

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user8586213760d ago

this will shut activision the f*ck up :)

N4GAddict3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

They will still complain about it not being cheaper.

TheColbertinator3760d ago

Doubt it.Activision complained about the PS3 price but they raised their prices on their games like

DJ Hero 150$

Guitar Hero 5 set 200$

Guitar Hero Van Halen 100$

Cod Modern Warfare 2 55Pound in England

Tony Hawk Ride 110$

Nitrowolf23759d ago

Yah, but now i think we should start telling acti to lower prices. look at that over 100 dollars for a game board that im sure will get outdated next year with a new one.


Never bought anything from those clowns , Still won't buy nothing from those clowns

El Botto3759d ago

Developers are happy Sony is stepping up their game when they have all been hurt by the economic crisis.

A 299 will mean explosive PS3 sales, they all know this.

Meanwhile, developers continue to question MSs failed tactics and its absolutely horrid strat in the gaming business so far. Developers are wondering when MS is packing their bags and going home. All developers except Valve that is.

Bunch of no good xbots they are.

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Wakka_3760d ago

No mentions of third party?

Sunny_D3760d ago

This will really really shut the douche Kotick up about lowering the price.

N4PS3G3760d ago

ermmm all of those studios *suckerpunch,Jaffe,Insomaniac, MediaMolecule * are first or second party sony studios/devs. They will always develop for ps3 with or without price cut, so what's so exciting?

N4GAddict3760d ago

more hardware sales = more software sales for the developers.

Sunny_D3759d ago

DUH.Your very smart N4PS3G. Also, if you remember the hypocritical douche Kotick who threatened Sony to drop the price or they will drop support, but he raises game prices himself. Yeah, now that Sony has lowered yhe price, we shall see.

ultimolu3759d ago

You guys sound very bitter about the pricecuts and slim, ya?

sarcasmic3759d ago

They are just excited. And they should be more than the average fanboy. Why? Because they're going to actually REAP the benefits of the PS3's being sold. Bigger install base = higher software sales. And hopefully, all the new PS3 owners will pick up the best previous games from these guys. Resistance 2, LBP, Ratchet & Clank, etc. etc.

meepmoopmeep3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

can't you get banned for making cloned accounts of other users?

Unicron3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

LOL. I can see butthurtery through the monitor today.

Price drop is good for everyone, hurts no one except corporate tools.

raztad3759d ago

Developers are the ONLY reason I even care about the PS3 getting a price cut. I dont own Sony stocks nor I enjoy when another guy buy a console, and much less I'm interested in coming here just to rub sales figures on 360 owners faces.

However, I want more developers to feel the NEED to develop for the PS3, to develop High QUALITY games, sub standard ports should be a thing of the past because now the PS3 userbase is not the lesser one. I want those third party developers to push the PS3 and not content themselves with providing a roughly comparable version, "good enough" for PS3 owners because they are just worried about the console with the bigger userbase.

deadreckoning6663759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Because of this, Mass Effect 2 will come to PS3. I don't have a doubt in my mind. EA won't ignore Sony's ever-growing audience after the price drop. Id love to see Splinter Cell: Conviction follow suit, but I doubt M$ is dumb enough ta let that go.

sarcasmic3759d ago

No I'm not a clone of Sarcasm. I am him. Yes I know I know, "I'm a fanboy with multiple accounts" But this is actually the only other account I've created. What bothers me is that I didn't deserve to get banned to the open zone especially with guys like Foxgod running around.

FamilyGuy3759d ago

Huh? WTF?

Isn't everybody? How is this news?


cmrbe3759d ago

Good enough is not good enough for PS fans. As a PS fan and a gamer i only want the best. I want my money spent to be worth it.

beardpapa3759d ago

nah.. kotick's gonna come outta his closet and tell the media that his aggressive stance towards the Playstation brand caused Sony to cut the price down to $299, cuz well we all know how much an a$$ kotick is.

heroicjanitor3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Ultimolu nice wakka reference at the end there :)

SolidAhmed3759d ago

This has to be exciting news for anyone who has any interest in the gaming industry why because it will increase the market sales as a whole. hence, it will help even MS in the long run (developers would increase their budget to produce better quality games) because games will be introduce to wider users and this would increase the interest in all consoles.

i am really happy and everyone should be happy including MS fan boys

SmokeyMcBear3759d ago

ah sarcasmic.. not a good thing to say

meepmoopmeep3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

lol, sorry i was speaking to Wakka_

there's another Wakka on here. same avatar, user bio.

the User Database can't be found anymore unless i'm not looking or bothering to

CWMR3759d ago

-I prefer my 360, but I agree with you guys. This is good for everybody and I'm happy Sony made this move.-

aceitman3759d ago

the ps3 slim is being sold on the 24th of this month

Tsar4ever013759d ago

So, Are they saying that the game developers didn't know about this ahead of everybody else?

3759d ago
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Saaking3759d ago

I'll be enjoying SCC, Mass Effect 2, and Gears 3 on my PS3. Now that the PS3 is taking off third party exclusives for the 360 will become a thing of the past. I shall welcome all the new PS3 exclusives.

Saaking3759d ago

PS3s selling a lot more is only good for us. It means more exclusives and more support.

sarcasmic3759d ago

Finally someone who gets it.

I like the one who keeps saying "I thought PS3 owners don't care about sales."

But it's not about the sales, it's about knowing that if Sony starts making profit, they're not going to hesitate to fund new exclusive games and updates and things like that.

Good for Sony, Good for the gamers. Win/Win situation here.

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