12 Things You Didn't Know About the PS3 Slim

The PS3 Slim has been at the eye of a massive rumor storm for months, but now that Sony has finally made it official it's time to bring the facts. By now you probably know the general specs – it includes a 120GB HDD, it's $300/€300, it's out September 1st, and it's, well, slimmer – but no self-respecting, hardware-obsessing, early-adopting gamer would stop there.

Read on to snag twelve of the PS3 Slim's most overlooked details and you'll know more than the next guy when it's released next month.

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Sunny_D3763d ago

Wow, I really didn't know about the Bravia-PS3 connectivity. Awesome. Does it do it with 60gb Ps3's?

Wizeguy213763d ago

Number 12 on that list---


meepmoopmeep3763d ago

8. If you have a Bravia TV and you hook up your new PS3 with an HDMI cable (…not included), you can operate the PS3’s media bar with your TV’s remote – you can even set it to turn the system off when you turn the TV off.

never knew that.
that's cool.

Genesis53763d ago

No I have a Bravia and a 60 gig and it doesn't do any of that. Would be nice though.

The Great Melon3763d ago


12, well they were right I didn't know that.

ABizzel13763d ago

Number 4 impressed me the most, it's a bold but true ad, and finally Sony is catching on with what they should have been doing with their advertisements.

Sitdown3763d ago

what precautions they are taking so that if the power button on the remote is hit by accident, you don't run the risk of having the game shut off on you.

As far as #3, I actually like the "touch sensitive non-buttons" and never once considered them weird.

And pretty much all this stuff was known...Ign covered it in their unboxing video.

phosphor1123763d ago

Which the slim already has on there.


FamilyGuy3763d ago

That and 12 were the only ones I didnt know

AND they forgot to mention that it has a lot less vent holes.

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gamesR4fun3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

C-c-c-combo breaker: Bonus facts!

We couldn't possibly stop at just twelve things when there's so much to say. What, you thought we could only make numbered lists of things? Well numbers can suck it - here are a few more things we noticed about Sony's new product.

It requires a stand to sit vertically...and it's sold separately.

guessing since they got one n we don't we'll jus have ta take their word for it but the phat has an official stand 2 tho it can stan fine on its own...

Sunny_D3763d ago

True, My fiend has a stand that lights up with blue LED lights and can hold 2 contollers at once.

gamesR4fun3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

stands jus fine without nothin XD

why the lies eh?!

Nitrowolf23763d ago
wtf? why does GS have it listed for release in 5 days?

meepmoopmeep3763d ago

Best Buy and Futureshop in Canada have it expected to release Aug. 25th as well

Nitrowolf23763d ago

lol yes and also my local target is unaware of the price drop

Sangria3763d ago

Do we actually know if the PSthree will replace the PS3 or if it will be sold in parallel like the Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite models?

As my current 60GB PS3 is getting old and may die anytime soon, i may buy a PSthree but i'm a bit pissed about the design, i find it pretty ugly compared to the classy PS3.

(i wish i would still work for that game retailer just to see how many people will bring their PSthree back because they broke it trying to put at the vertical position without that plastic thing)

DonCorneo3763d ago

the higher end slim will be 250GB bundled with a game and a download voucher

sunil3763d ago

PS3 is history. The PS3 Slim is the new PS3

-Mezzo-3763d ago

And 1 thing everyone knows about PS3, is that it OWNS. lol

lociefer3763d ago

hope we can control 60gb with bravia remote with the new update, and yes i have been banned to the open zone

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The story is too old to be commented.