Aliens vs Predator Campaign Length Revealed

Gaming Union writes "During a demo of Aliens vs Predator (AvP) today at GamesCom, some more information was revealed about the single player campaigns, specifically their length.

In AvP, there are essentially three campaigns: Marine, Alien, Predator. Each campaign is said to shed light on to an overall story arc, so playing them all is effectively necessary to understand all of the plot. Each campaign doesn't seem like it will be overly long though, as all three campaigns seem just longer than a normal game combined."

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mephman3769d ago

Not too bad I guess, it would have been cool if they were longer though.

ShawnCollier3769d ago

I'm fine with it as long as they do a good job on what they have. Better to have a shorter but really good length than a long but meh one.

mephman3769d ago

True, it does look like the gameplay is pretty solid. :)