8 Interesting Facts About Gaming's Greatest Companies

Joystick Division writes: "Almost every gaming company has something interesting about their history that defines who they are today. Something that launched the company into a perfect sequence of events that led to their current success and image. Many of these events are good, but only Microsoft is bad.

Where would Nintendo be today if they hadn't hired Miyamoto? Would there have been games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom without John Carmack and id Software? What would Final Fantasy VII have been like if developed on the N64 and how would that have effected the console wars between Sony and Nintendo in the late 90s?"

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Salvadore3759d ago

Great article, really enjoyed it.

BiggCMan3759d ago

yea, this is the type of article i like to read you know what im sayin. im always seeing sales figure articles or console bashing articles. this is good writing. back on topic. SEGA was founded by americans??? wow i would have really never guessed that. thats really interesting.

markfrost3759d ago

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the Nintendo founder's son-in-law's son-in-law for expanding the business into electronics and games. And Miyamoto I guess.

ttlFantastic3759d ago

Miyamoto you guess? YOU GUESS?!!!

chrisjc3759d ago

Ah, the original Squaresoft logo.

I still call them "Square", without the "Enix".

Overmind4203759d ago

I honestly had no idea SEGA was founded by Americans. I mean, seriously, wtf!? I've been duped all this time!

markfrost3759d ago

Me neither, we just blindly assume they were founded by Japanese because they're in Japan.

TheBand1t3759d ago

I knew that, but then again I used to be a mondo Sega fanboy.

Saaking3759d ago

Sony does have the best First Party and all the great titles they produce are TRUE exclusives. It's one of the defining features of the Playstation Family. Once the PS3 takes off, 3rd party exclusives for MS will drop and that's when they'll be in real trouble. I bet SCC, Mass Effect 2, Gears 3, etc will all land on the PS3 once the install base is too big to ignore.

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