Left 4 Dead On PS3 Isn't Needed Now That Dead Nation Is Coming

Blend Games writes:

"Valve's Gabe Newell may have his head up the rear-end of an Xbox 360 (and pumping out good titles for it too) but that doesn't mean the PS3 won't be getting similar games to Valve's renown 360 exclusives. In this particular case, all rumors of Left 4 Dead on the PS3 can be put to rest because a budget-priced PSN title by the name of Dead Nation is pretty much an isometric replica of Valve's famed zombie-shooter."

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Sunny_D3766d ago

Left4Dead was never needed, since it really isn't that great with it's outdated source engine and gameplay. :/

Blaze9293766d ago

Do you even own Left 4 Dead? The game is awesome, at least on the PC. Outdated source engine, you probably dont even know what that is or what it does. Not that it matters, the game still kicks ass. If it wasnt that great it wouldnt have sold so many copies and got such great reviews.

Anyway, Dead Nation should be pretty cool and the graphics are sick. I'll have to play it of course before I can say whether its just like Left 4 Dead and/or better...which Blend Games probably hasnt even done yet.

mrv3213766d ago

I do own it, and the graphics aren't great, the gameplay is repetitive for me on the 360 and that's the problem, on the PC there are 100's of maps many of which are better than the Valve version. Source is kinda outdated and you'll admit that, they'll ne a overhaul in order to move to the PS3 or keep up with the tech. A reviewer summed it up best.

'When developing on PC you throw ram at a problem, when porting to the 360 you throw ram at the problem. The PS3 doesn't work like that... you must learn the PS3.

Bubble Buddy3766d ago

IMO L4D is very fun, but only if you play with friends. Playing alone can be alright for a bit but after a while, you need your real friends : )

deadreckoning6663766d ago

Okay, the only people that say L4D is crap are people who haven't played it or don't like shooters PERIOD. That game is awesome and if it ever came out on PS3, id be first in line.

randomwiz3766d ago

Left4Dead isn't needed on the ps3 because both consoles have their fair share of exclusives now.

kalebgray923766d ago

ive played on the 360 with in my dormroom with friends and it it fun especially the first time but after when they leave it gets boring imo... even with friends not as fun as halo or gears 1 (gears 2 sucks except for horde)

raztad3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Dont fool yourselves guys. A good game is ALWAYS welcomed, whoever made it. I for once, want to play L4D so I'm gonna get it on PC, cause its not on PS3. It's a bit of a shame because I enjoy having my trophies, although not a trophy
whore here.

While I can understand why the comparisons arise, they are not justified. Provided the developer is known for arcadey games (SSHD), I'm almost sure game will have the same gameplay mechanics that SSHD, so other than zombies both games are very different each other. In other words, if you are looking for a L4D experience Dead Nations is not the right game.

FuckinUsername3766d ago

Left4dead on the PC was fun for a while...
I kept joining co-op games and getting kicked without a reason.
I ended up hating the game for this reason.

morganfell3766d ago

L4D is not needed. It was never needed. It may be wanted, but that isn't the same thing. This has nothing to do with L4D being a good game or a bad game and this is true of any title on any platform.

The only time a game is "needed" is when that platform is failing because it lacks that one particular exclusive. That is not nor was it ever the case for the PS3. If there is one thing the PS3 has then that is great exclusives that were not put together over the course of a summer.

gamesR4fun3766d ago

so why bring it up? i mean if it was another fps n all maybe but this is jus grasping at straws.

JsonHenry3766d ago

Well, I guess it is good that it is not needed because they were never gonna get it.

Winter47th3766d ago

Well played Sony, a big FU to Valve thank you very much.

Now all we need is a 4 player co-op confirmation.

solar3766d ago

i love butt hurt console ppl. makes me :)

zombies, check. compare the game to L4D? o.O come on really? FFS let it die already. Valve has no interest in developing Ps3 games, Insomniac has no interested in PC/360 games. give it a rest already. do we have to change diapers for all the whiny babies again on this site?

ZombieNinjaPanda3766d ago

Left 4 dead = first person.

Dead Nation = Over the top Shooter.

Burn Zombie Burn = over the top shooter.

Hmm...They're all pretty good.

Polluted3766d ago


"i love butt hurt console ppl. makes me :)"

Doesn't sound like it's making you smile at all, dude. Sounds like you're getting really upset.

solar3766d ago

oh yes it makes me smile. :))))) in fact it makes me LOL that this is the stretch that ppl make for L4D not being on the Ps3. FFS really? its so laughable.

Tsar4ever013766d ago

How is this FOOL gonna make outrageous statements "L4D NOT NEEDED PS3 GETTING DEADNATION" We don't even know that this game's gonna be successful when it's released. Didn't he know that L4D is a MEGA HIT?

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Godmars2903766d ago

no unless that thing has co-op and larger play areas. A few more features that L4D lacks like better destructible and interactive environments.

And still, it would be nice to the game itself. If Valve were more talented that is.

Pandamobile3766d ago

Valve is one of the most highly acclaimed developers in world, and you're saying they're not talented? Lol...

Godmars2903766d ago

I'm saying they can't do anything else but something on the Half-Life engine. And even then it has to be a PC game first before its anything else.

STONEY43766d ago

Well, source engine still looks quite nice. Half Life 2 Lost Coast and Episode 2 still look better than some of the games that get released today. But I really want them to make a new engine because I'm tired of every Half Life game looking almost the same as Half Life 2 in a way.

solar3766d ago

Valve doesnt need a new engine atm. HL1...the Quake 1 engine. HL2...the Source Engine. will be blown. :)

evrfighter3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

They could continue what they're continuing to do. Or spend who knows how many millions making ps3 games and just hope to break even (see kz2).

50-60 million to make who knows how many million in advertising and only 2mil+ sales. Thinking about it now, I wouldn't even say they broke even.

Valve need not lend its genius talent to a platform where sales aren't a guarantee.

Cenobia3766d ago

I'm glad you're worried about Guerilla's profit margin because I was just to busy playing their game.

It's always good to have someone watching your back. I think you should write up a report with lots of facts and numbers, and then give it to Sony and tell them how you're so smart and they're so stupid. I bet they'd get a good laugh out of it.

Maybe you should just play games and stfu.

Valve should stick to PC period. The 360 doesn't offer any support for community modding, and the games are rarely updated. Almost all additions come at a price because MS demands it. The only reason they release on the 360 is because it is so close to the PC architecture and they can cash in on people that don't have decent PC's. There is no reason to buy L4D or Team Fortress on the 360 if you have a good PC.

evrfighter3766d ago

wow people still play it? I'm impressed. I saw a clip of it then just went and scrimmed the game it tried to be. :D

but anyways.

If you like their games you had better hope they break even. Else another project of that magnitude will be a long time coming. And your dead on about Valve. They SHOULD stick to the more superior platform :D

Cenobia3765d ago

Did you just say "scrimmed"?

First of all, Halo is not a sport. It's a fvcking video game...get over it.

And Killzone 2 never tried to be Halo. Why don't you go ahead and tell me how Killzone is even remotely similar to Halo. Go ahead and make a list. If you get past first person shooter, I'll give you a medal.

If you really want to start drawing comparisons, Halo stole everything it has from Half-Life 1. You shoot at aliens from a first person perspective in that game too. The fudging needler is the dam alien arm with pink fluorescence thrown in. The protagonist doesn't speak at all in that game, and MC speaks very little. The AWP in CS is also ridiculously overpowered. Oh the comparisons I could draw.

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callahan093766d ago

OK, Dead Nation looks cool and all (Housemarque is a great developer and the graphics/effects are beautiful for a top-down perspective downloadable game), but I don't really see this game as filling in for Left 4 Dead. There'd be room for both titles on any one console. It'd be cool if the PS3 got Left 4 Dead, but it won't and that's OK too because there are lots of other games out there. But just because Dead Nation is coming out doesn't mean that a game like Left 4 Dead is suddenly not welcome on the PS3.

kalebgray923766d ago

sure on pc l4d was marvelous but it wasn't needed on any console... cant get any of the mods like with the pc

Defectiv3_Detectiv33766d ago

Not really a fan of the l4d series, Valve really needs to get a new graphical engine already

Still, this is a shallow comparison at best. The most these games have in common is the fact that they are shooters and they both have co-op. Dead Nation reminds me more of a smash-tv/burn zombies burn type of game.

WaitStation 33766d ago

They will not be making their money back.