PS3s Selling Out Already

Rumors had been flying around the net about a PS3 price drop for a week until Sony finally ended all speculation by announcing the PS3 slim and the new price of $299. This price has now taken effect and decided to do some running around town to see how the price has affected sales so far.

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Nitrowolf23760d ago

i can understand for the other model, to still be on shelves like that since its stil 399, but dam they are all gone where i live

kapedkrusader3760d ago see all the new PS3 owners making new PSN accounts.

XxSolid SnakexX3760d ago

I really believe that the ps3 will outsell the 360 nobody wanted a console at 400 but when it is at 300 s#it they would jump all over since it's Playstation it's really amazing

deadreckoning6663760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

LMAO, id be funny if after all this Microsoft STILL outsells Sony. Id be nice to see Sony win the year but unfortunately many consumers resonate more with Halo than Uncharted and that ill affect the choice of new console owners. We here on N4G know better but the average casual consumer isn't THAT smart in my opinion. Wii sales are proof of that.

@Aclay- Yeah man. I wanna see Sony takeover the U.S as much as you do. But were acting like M$ isn't going to do anythg in retaliation. U make a GREAT point that everyone who wanted to play Halo ALREADY has a 360, but I have lots a friends whove had RROD many times and continue to buy 360's even though its blatantly obvious that the PS3 was the better deal, even at 400 bucks. If things stayed the way they were now, then YES, Sony has a great chance of winning the holiday and EVEN winning the year as far as sales. But M$ are very competitive and they'll do somethg to ensure their lead regardless of how desperate it is.

Add me: psn-deadreckoning666, im looking for people that R gud at KZ2

Genesis53760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Did you that big bang? That was all the PS2 owners doors slamming behind them as they finally got the price cut they have been waiting for.

I really think there was a lot of PS2 owners just waiting for this day. Now how about advertising in the mainstream media. That would really help.

locos853760d ago

The 80 Gig PS3 is sold out in every single retailer in my area. The only ones I see now are the 160 gig. So I guess the 299 price point is hitting the sweet spot

iamtehpwn3760d ago

Wait till Ps3 Slim launches.
New hardware + Price cut.
Preorder one while you can.

Aclay3760d ago


If the 360 had only sold 0.1 Million more than the PS3 during the first half of 2009 and it's cheapest console was HALF the price as the cheapest PS3, I have a pretty good feeling that the PS3 has a good chance of selling more Worldwide than the 360 for the last half of this year, especially with Final Fantasy XIII hitting Japan this Holiday.... and if GT5 does come out in 09', there's no doubt in my mind it'll sell more.

As far as Halo goes, I doubt any new future Halo games on the 360 will be pushing systems for Microsoft, because pretty much everyone that wanted a Xbox 360 for Halo already has one.

ThanatosDMC3760d ago

They're all gone at Fry's but there's stacks of 360s and Wiis.

Chubear3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

better yet wait 'till the PS3 gets to the end of year 4. That's the same period in time that the PS1&2 went on fire and burnt through their respective competitions.

joydestroy3760d ago

there's still 80gb ones at the closest bestbuy to me. i'm sure they won't last long though.

Wolverick3760d ago

Checked my walmart last night just being curious and they were sold out of 80 and 160 models.

cmrbe3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Sony should have produce more units. Its like the PS3 launch all over again. Huge demand little stock.

@Ju. Man you were right and i was wrong. Slim is $299. I never saw that coming.

Ju3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

They probably didn't want to risk to have left over stock when the slim hits. Maybe they have underestimated the $299 price point, though. But, well, these might match the reports that suppliers ran low and Sony was full steam ahead to increase production for the holidays. Now you know why.

@cmrbe, lol. See, I could say, I told you so :)

BTW, below. The 80G is still no bad buy for the $299. It still the more expensive built unit.

randomwiz3760d ago

the people buying ps3's right now either don't know about the slim, or prefer the glossy look of the phat ps3

Silellak3760d ago

I was one of the people who got the Phat 160 gig, actually. Was tempted to wait for the Slim, but I figured the combination of Uncharted, PAIN, bigger hard drive, better (imho) appearance, and guaranteed reliability, and simple impatience led me towards the Phat.

I guess my point is that not EVERYONE who knows about the Slim is waiting for it ;)

cmrbe3760d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

However i see even more opportunities for Sony to do even better.

We know that the hardcore segment is now cared for. Now its time for Sony to really really push for the casual and motion controller crowd since now the PS3 is now affordable. It is only $50 more than the wii and the same price of the elite if it drops to 299 which we all expect. Now Sony can really advertise to the casuals because the price is right right now with the casuals unlike before with 399.

Sony should really now advertise the hell out of RC ACIT, Eye-pet, Afrika and LBP GOTY edition as well as GT5 being the game everyone from hardcore to casuals like. Sony should now also publsize their montion controller alot more and get it to attract both the hardcore and casuals gamers. This will ensure that the motion controller on the PS3 will not only attract the wii motion controller crowd but also new hardcore gamers that happen to like accurate and applicable motion controller in hardcore games.

Sony has the talent to do this. Imagine a medieval tournament game like Jousting,Sword fighting and Archery from Sony cambridge bundle with the motion controller and eventually a PS3 bundle. That will be sweet or a new Medievil game with motion controller. Sony has enough devs to really take motion controller to the next level and do this even before Natal launches.

For us hardcore gamers we have a choc full of games to look forward to now and in the future. Eveyone is catered which has always been PS brand's major suit and why it is the most popular gaming brand in history of gaming.

Mr Tretton3759d ago

Good choice Silellak. Smart.

sunil3759d ago

Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Toys R US near my place - none of them have the 80GB in stock anymore...

Waiting to see Aug and Sep numbers for the PS3

aceitman3759d ago

that got one today and one that is still looking for a 299 ps3 thats what they where waiting for price drop and there they r getting 1 extra controller and a couple of used games that they wanted

FamilyGuy3759d ago

They truly may have underestimated all the people waiting on the forever rumored "PS3 price that is coming". They have all this momentum right right but it will be forced to a stop because of their lack of faith in themselves. They stopped shipping more units of the other models which is fine but they should have left more than they apparently did. PS3s are selling out EVERYWHERE right now because of how many they left retail with and it's been less than 48 hours from the announcement.

In contrast, we have two weeks before the Slim launches/can be sold at retailers so they're going to miss out on sells of at least a weeks worth of buyers who don't care about it being slim, the one's who just want one period and were ONLY waiting on this price cut.

Like it was said above, this will be similar to the PS3s being sold out at launch for at least one week. Good thing there's shipment coming in quickly this time.

sarcasmic3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Another thing to note, is that potential 360 shoppers or Wii shoppers who also might consider a PS3, the 360 elite is still $399 and pro $299, and the Wii is $249. So that puts the PS3 at the same price of a 360 Pro but with blu-ray, free online, yadda yadda yadda. And it's only $50 more than a Wii but obviously obliterates it in features.

So the consumers on the fence who see that $299 price tag, is going to jump on it.

I've said it a million times before (as Sarcasm)

"People want a PS3. They just cant afford it." $399 was still just psychologically too much. But now they see that *2* they feel more comfortable "Jumping in"

cmrbe3759d ago

That was the biggest barrier for the PS3, 399. Mass consumers saw that and they don't look at the PS3 again despite the features it has. Thats why this new price is huge for the PS3. Now people will look at value and not so much the price point like before.

What comes down to now is software and advertisment. Sony got the hardware and software for hardcore locked down. They need to convince the consumers again about the overall value of having a PS3. Something that Nin has done extremely well for the wii. I mean even with the advance features in the x360 and cheaper than the wii, Nin still managed to convince people that the wii has more value overall. Sony need some smart advertisement to counter this. I think it will take more than a motion controller to do this.

3759d ago
AAACE53759d ago

I was able to reserve mine today so i'm cool! Now I just gotta figure out which games I wanna start with...

TheBlackSmoke3759d ago

It was inevitable

People are always quick to forget that history repeats itself. Sony didnt win two gens in a row by accident. They knew exactly what the f#ck they had to do from the start and their strategy has actually been perfect this gen. MS are used to bullying companys out of existence by throwing money at everything but in the console market their strategy's have failed. MS 360 strategy has so far been to react to anything that PS3 does and try to be as much like a PS3 as possible, however MS have been too aggressive and have peaked to early, leaving nothing to be excited for in the long term and a console with a now notorious reputation for poor manufacturing standards.

Sorry but i think SONY knows a lot more about business then MR Microsoft fanboy archair analyst at home.

This holiday a ps3 slim @299 and uncharted 2/gt5 is an abosloute steal.

Play beyond

starvinbull3759d ago

I don't think M$ have done anything wrong this gen aside from the RROD.

But it is starting to feel like a boxing match where one boxer has literally run out of punches.

If they hadn't announced Nathal I'd swear they had another console coming.
I'm still gonna predict 2011 for that, but this year what's left to come out? LFD2, FM3, ODST. Not an unbeatable line up in my opinion. It's like there's something they haven't revealed yet.

Are they really putting all their money on Nathal?

prunchess3759d ago

I was having a look at GAME and Gamestop in Blanchardstown in Dublin and they were shifting PS3s! In Gamestop there were 3 customers at the counter buying 80gig models. I spoke to one of the sales assistance and made a remark about the 3 customers at the counter buying PS3s and he said it was the same yesterday also. He said that their current stock would be cleaned out by the weekend at this rate!

I didn't think that a 100 euro cut would have this kind of effect.

Sarick3759d ago

I just looked still has the 80gb cores for sale at $299. What's funny is the recertified 80gb units are $319 LOL. Someone needs to tell newegg they're not gonna be selling the recerified units for $320 when a new unit sales for less with free shipping and handling.

indysurfn3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Thats great, because now the price should drop sooner rather than later. Causing less people to be upset that they was the sucker to buy the old one. I was under the impression from one best buy sales associate here that it may take awhile. Then I went to another best buy he said maybe this weekend!!!

So I think it will depend on the location! For instance the first best buy is in a very nice area. But the other best buy is in the richest area of Indianapolis (just a few miles away). My theory is these shoppers don't care about price, and therefor have almost sold out inventory. I only saw TWO PS3 BOXES, and he didn't think there where more in the back. The first best buy is in a nice area but not to the point where 1 out of 5 cars are Benz's. So shop around it may already be on sale(the slim) in some places! I'll check again tomorrow and then Saturday and give a update. More to the point, find the richest area in your town, and report here if they are about to or are already selling the ps3 slim. Don't forget to say what your city is and state.

I can hear the second stores sales associate on the last OLD ps3 sale now, thanks for shopping best buys.....SUCKER! Then he calls his friend up, and tells him they will be selling the new ones now. come and get it!

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eagle213760d ago

"As you may know, the PlayStation 3 120 GB is in great demand, and there are shortages of this product across the U.S. In an effort to provide as many customers as possible with the opportunity to purchase PlayStation 3 120 GB, we are limiting the total number of PlayStation 3 120 GB units that can be purchased. As a result, each household may only purchase one PlayStation 3 120 GB unit. See additional policy details here."

It put a smile on my face.

kapedkrusader3760d ago feels like it should've felt when the PS3 was first released.

randomwiz3760d ago


this is the second ps3 release. $299 is the price which Sony sold the ps1, ps2, and now the ps3.

I wonder if Sony is compensating these retailers?

Fadetoblack693760d ago

Yeah I saw that! Had to setup a second Amazon account just to get two of 'em on order!

Seein the same in my area for 80gigs too.... Bestbuy, Target, Gamestop, WallyMart.... All gone already ;)

meepmoopmeep3760d ago

Best Buy and Futureshop in Canada also have that policy on their website

sunil3759d ago

They allowed 3 yesterday !! now its only 1.. wow...

leyego3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

last time i checked they allowed 5 per house hold guess they dropped it to 3 then to 1.

can't believe its already down to 1. ppl must be eating this up.

on a happy note, just went to the mall this morning with a few friends of mine who also picked up ps3's. turns out they where also waiting for the price drop to buy one. all wii owners.

Hobadoon3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

How scarce do you think these Slim units will be? Because if they're gonna be REALLY hard to get, do you think we'll be seeing crazy prices for them on Ebay and the like?

If so, I need to buy one... And sell it... I already got a PS3 so I'm good to go. I doubt I'll have the cash flow to do so but if it's anything like PS3 launch or frackin Tickle Me Elmo, I might consider it ha.

indysurfn3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Sweet take that Nintendo! PS3 Shortgage? You bet! There is a reported customer fight on isle 14a Video game section, put down that waggle! Please! I think they are having a elliptic attack , nope that is the dual shock. Please put down the controller. Oh wait you can buy more than one of those. But, only one PS3 per household === don't hit me! (hint, you can come back and buy a second one after you go to the car!).

My thing is Only buy the old version if it is 249! And your landlord pays the electricity. Otherwise wait on the 299 120gig version that causes your electric bill to be cheaper at the end of the year. Plus there is a unconfirmed report that the backwards compatibility will be tied to the slim ps3. (I hope not, it doesn't make sense to me) unless it is a hardware change inside.

destructoid quote:

"Our tests also found that leaving a PlayStation 3 on while not in use would cost almost $250 a year in electricity bills (charged at 15c per kWh). This alone is around five times more than it would take to run a refrigerator for the same yearly period."

get the slim people! You will save in the long run! I was actually thinking of getting a 249 until I remembered this article

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Mike134nl3760d ago

Good news for Sony hope for them they will be able to keep up with the demand for the 120 GB.
Though not surprised that the ps3 (80GB) are getting sold out since Sony is clearing their stock for the 120 gb version ans some people do seem to preffer the looks of the 80/160 gb version

knucklebusster3760d ago

wow saw this on CNN the juggernaut has finally Awakened.

Aceluffy3759d ago

Man this is just too epic
Come aboard people ! we the PS3 diehard fans have been waiting for you, welcome to PSN, Home and the great PS3 community.
Play Beyond

kingOVsticks3760d ago

This makes me happy as well. Even more people to play with online. Even more people in Home! GT5 will own Europe,FF13 will own japan and GOW3 will OWN(in 2010) America. Sony may actually dominate the world lol. And they may actually meet that 13 mil b4 march

cmrbe3760d ago

There are already alot of people on PSN.

presto7173759d ago

I hope Sony is taking steps to support the massive influx of ps3 users.

But more is always good.