Three Reasons You Will Buy a PS3 Slim

To no one's surprise, Sony pulled the wrappers off its skinnied-down PlayStation 3 games console yesterday, the PS3 Slim. It's been long expected, and comes with a much-needed price cut. But will you buy it? Here's three reasons you will.

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Wakka_3759d ago

It has an internet browser.
....Can't think of a third one.

Sunny_D3759d ago

How about games that actually come out rather than just being talked about and it how it wants to touch you like a gay [email protected](Fable 3)Actually, it has wifi, built in power adapter, still more powerful than a 360, better games, oh it's a games console, did I mention games!? Sorry, you're probably too busy on twitter and facebook. In the words of the GREAT SIR KEN_KUTARAGI: Chatbots!

nycredude3759d ago

Damn fanboys really don't know what they are missing. I read these news of bots drooling over seemingly average graphics and I wonder why? Ignorance is blind. Once you have a Ps3 and play some of the exclusives then it becomes clear that xbox developers needs to step up their game, unless the xbox can't handle it...

Before you kill me I also have an xbox 360. Currently playing through Mass Effect, waiting for ME2. That game looks ok but damn is glitchy!!!!

Bnet3433759d ago

The price, I can see people buying it on that. $300 is a good price. Aesthetic? No thanks. It looks ugly compared to the original PS3. Cheap plastic vs shiny piano black finish. Easy choice. Unless you have a really tight set up, I don't see how you would benefit from how small it is. It's not like you are carrying it around in your pocket. The games, sure. The main one is the price.

Tony-A3759d ago

Which is why I think it's a great idea making both the "Phat" & "Slim" go at the same price. More choices for the customers!

sunil3759d ago

Has any one of you seen it for real?
Yea it might not look great compared to the ps3 phat in photos, but why not reserve judgment till we get one on hand?

deadreckoning6663759d ago

I thk 360 developers have already stepped up their game with Conviction and Mass Effect, but ur right, its really not the devs fault that they can't keep up with the PS3..its the 360's crappy hardware

Mr Tretton3759d ago

I've seen detalied enough photos and videos. It's hideous, and extremely sad that it will be the new PS3, and with that horrible font brought into our lives. I'm disgusted.