Engadget: A slimmer, cheaper, better PS3. Was that so hard?

Paul Miller writes: "I've wanted a PlayStation 3 since forever. It plays Blu-ray movies, it has some great exclusive titles, and it looks like it could beat somebody up without breaking a sweat across its glossy matte brow. But it's always seemed out of reach price-wise. As my desire grew stronger over recent months, I found myself unable to pull the trigger: I just didn't want to pay $400 for a video game console that came out in 2006. The fact that I could get a lot more for my $400 than $500 would've gotten me at launch was hardly consolation, given that the PS3's main competition, the Xbox 360, has been available in a "full fledged" edition for $300 for a while. Luckily, the PS3 Slim has come at last to save me from all this heartache. Follow along, as I journey from the mire of indecision to the glories of console love... but really, it's all about the price drop."

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Sunny_D3763d ago

Considering no power brick and with all that power inside, yeah I say it was hard.

DonCorneo3763d ago

crapbox?!?! IS that so hard?

Mr Tretton3763d ago

It's slimmer and cheaper, but not better.

LeShin3763d ago

lol Yeah right.

I'm glad more people can get a chance to play on the PS3 though.