Latest Snow Leopard build limits most Macs to 32-bit mode

Apple has said that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will run in full 64-bit mode on any 64-bit capable Intel processor. In fact, Snow Leopard's 64-bitness is one of its highly touted under-the-hood features. But so far, the purported golden master build still won't boot in 64-bit mode on a number of 64-bit capable models.

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BulletToothtony3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

my older imac is running smooth and beautifully at 64bit speed..

man people love to hate on apple as much as they hate on ps3..

SL hasn't even released yet.. and there is no proof that the last build is the Golden version.. oh well, i'm sure they're gonna try to hinder sales somehow..

Pandamobile3767d ago

People hate on Macs because they're expensive and stupid.

You can get a better PC for half the price.

Monkey5213767d ago

You are very convincing with your fanboy comments. If you want to hate on Mac, do it in the open zone. There is no reason to start a flame war.

On topic - I had my mac running also in 64 bit speed completely fine. I am sure that the RC of SL will run fine. People just like to be pessimistic about products they don't own or care of.

meepmoopmeep3767d ago

you also get 100x the headache for half the price

health is an investment not an expense


Pandamobile3767d ago

The cheapest Mac is $1000... (not counting those barely functional Mac-Minis)

For basically slapping the Apple logo on it.

Monkey5213767d ago

I wasn't talking price point... it was the fact that you used the word "Stupid" in your sentence that made your argument fanboyish.

MorganX3767d ago

Apple will go through the same thing Microsoft went through with XP 64. Their problems are mostly over now. I own both and the fanboyism is silly. Both have pros cons, and Macs hang-up and lock. They are safer on the net, for now anyway. Windows UI is more efficient but with a little work the Dock comes close, in some ways better, some worse. Of course, you can actually change icons on the Mac ;)

somekindofmike3767d ago

@ Pandamobile

Barely functional mac mini's! you're having a laugh, they are no power house for sure, but for every day use they are more than capable, I think you can take your fanboy attitude elsewhere. 'macs are stupid' Sound argument there!

@ MorganX

Agreed with you, both windows and OS X have there own strengths and weakness', although I've not noticed many hang ups or lock ups on OS X, but I wouldn't say they are non existent, just I notice these sort of errors more when using windows.

Personally I find OS X UI more efficient and easy to use. however you can't beat windows for gaming & customisation that is for sure! Basically I use OS X for work, windows for gaming, simple :D

meepmoopmeep3767d ago


i agree with both of you.
what sux is i'm the "go-to" when people have problems with their computers

98% of the time i'm helping sort out a PC problem

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pure pwnage243767d ago

Macs are really the only reliable computer and have the best OS.