10.0 Review of

Has Hamsterfist lost his mind? Perhaps but here goes a review of the almighty You can tell where this is going right?


"Oh boy, talk about playing with fire. is going to review and then post it on N4G. If you can't tell where this is heading, your mom must have dropped you on your head as a child. Do you think would even review N4G if they did not love the site? But don't worry there is more than butt kissing going on here. Believe it or not Hamsterfist came up with a couple of 'issues' they have."

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Wakka_3765d ago

N4G = N4Sony. That pretty much covers it.

Pennywise3765d ago

They are handing out tissues in the open zone.

Go figure a gaming site that likes Sony. I wonder why?

donnaluke20033765d ago

That is not always the case. Maybe there is a larger Sony community here, but it is not outrageously Sony only.

meepmoopmeep3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

EDIT: this place is awesome

sunnygrg3765d ago

N4g is a great source of gaming news minus some occasional/frequent flamebait and hate articles.


Wakka =/= Wakka_

Rob0g0rilla3765d ago

5 minutes ago this guy was saying how PS3 fanboys whine.

u got owned3765d ago

I love this place, i get the gaming news and i also have a good time with some of the people comments in here. Its just a good place to have fun and have a few laughs.

mrv3213765d ago

In the sense lots of news articles with biased against Sony are approved?
Because lots of news articles with biased against Microsoft are Approved?

Or is it because lot's of news about 3.0 and PSslim/PSPgo/Games because of gamescon? Because if that's the case look up Micrsoft Gamescon announcements and you'll find that they didn't announce anything big.

Thank you and good night!

Sunny_D3765d ago

I just realized that someone's impersonating wakka... The real wakka is a PS fan, this is an outrage.

RememberThe3573765d ago

I'm here all the time, and I can honestly tell you this is no 10/10 site. Frankly, if it was it would be out of beta. There is still a lot of work to do.

mephixto3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

LOL @ Wakka_, Back in 2006 and 2007 before the launch of the PS3 this site was a hell for Sony and PS3 fans, 9 of 10 articles posted were bashing the PS3(I remember one reaching 1000 comments). No open zone, no moderators, no bubbles, people talking nonsense (TheRealDeal, TheLandofSand, etc) funny times :'(

ultimolu3765d ago

Impersonating someone on N4G, ya?

That's pretty sad, ya?

But you're wrong Wakka_. This was 360 land when I first came here. Now the PS3 gets some amazing news, you're now claiming it's Sony land?

My, my, how the tides have turned.

ShabzS3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

it serves its purpose quite well ... news stories, articles, blogs, opnion all get their voice heard... any gaming related story and you can find it here ... and thats about it...

the cumminity here on the other hand arent so great ... the bubble system is a little messed up and miss used for sure... but they atleast have the open zone to filter out the morons right... sure some of them get through here but still... atleast its there...

bias is dependent on perspective i think... a 360 only owner like my self feels surrounded with ps 3 trolls and i'm sure its vice versa for a ps3 only owner... wont bother you if you just realised there is no console war going on

Marceles3765d ago

I agree with u got owned. There's no better place to find gaming news and comedy all in one. Some people take this stuff way too seriously, but that's the funniest part of the whole thing...if they didn't it wouldn't be as funny

Wakka_3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

It's been Sony land since late 2007.

@below, I agree. juuken got banned from Gamespot...lulz. Take a chill pill. Why so serious?

Nuuskamuikkunen3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Ultimolu is a liar!

The truth is that it was Playstation fans that criticized Sony when they screwed up and rightly so. As they understood 'reason' and were far from being mindless fools.

However, when the Sony extremists that were banned from every other website came here to spout their poison. The normal Playstation fans left for NeoGAF, Joystiq, Kotaku and many more.

This is what happened! The true history of N4G has been rewritten enough.

No more lies!

HDgamer3765d ago

No logical evidence supports your fanboyish conspiracy theory.

meepmoopmeep3765d ago

i'm a PS Fan and i'm still here..

oh wait, i didn't read the "normal" part


whoelse3765d ago

N4G isn't perfect but it's great.

Also entertaining reading people shouting at each other in the comments.

ultimolu3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Is that so? So 360 fans weren't bashing the PS3 for having no games, being a bluray player and Sony screwed up?

They just held hands and left PS3 fans alone, right? They never did anything wrong.

Wakka_3765d ago

Sony deserved all the hate for their attitude. Stop being butthurt juuken.

Nuuskamuikkunen3765d ago


Perhaps if you read N4G starting from the beginning, you would not appear so ignorant.


If all those that don't worship the PS3 die tommorow, will you finally be happy?

I ask, as it's a bit too obvious that you really hate and despise those people who do not worship Sony.

TheSadTruth3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"LOL @ Wakka_, Back in 2006 and 2007 before the launch of the PS3 this site was a hell for Sony and PS3 fans, 9 of 10 articles posted were bashing the PS3(I remember one reaching 1000 comments). No open zone, no moderators, no bubbles, people talking nonsense (TheRealDeal, TheLandofSand, etc) funny times :'("

Are you kidding? I've been here since the beginning and this site has always been a Sony propaganda machine. When Sony was getting flack in all corners early on from doing a lot of things badly and wrong, this site kept the spin in their direction.

Every single PS3 exclusive has been deemed a 360 killer and a "AAA" title and even after many flopped, the spin kept coming. Heavenly Sword, Lair, etc.

This site is a joke, has always been and always will be. It's full of little kids that flame each other, the only difference is there are more kids on the Sony fence so the 360 kids get thrown in the open zone.

Hopefully another site is developed similar to this one, but more professional and less kids, and more intelligent discussion. The problem with a site like this coming along is that it might be hard to attract the necessary userbase (adults don't have free time) and without nonstop flaming, significantly less traffic will be generated.

How big of a joke is this site? They haven't even added a quote feature.

mirroredderorrim3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I'm editing my entire comment since you felt like copying it, I felt like someone would be spamming. Haha.

Anyhow, let's get to it. First, I was not directing my comment at you, 2nd now you're crying? Why?

Because you can't take what I said? It's true. Look deep into the last two years instead of spouting nonsense.
You also don't even know who the b!tch at. Me for what I said? The article? N4G as a site?

Also, taken out of context, however;
"You think I care which side dominates the site? I don't."

That nullifies the wall of tears. I need to stop refreshing this page, I'm getting back to Gaming, bro.

TheSadTruth3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"Less cry, plz.

We have dealt with PS3 bashing for 2 solid years+ (as long as I have been here)
It was not even about bashing PS3 back then, it was about rubbing it PS3 owners faces that the Xbox 360 was selling like hotcakes, it had better games, the hardware was superior (lol) and that MS stealing exclusives was a good thing(?)

For the 360 fanboy, maybe. But not for the industry. I have seen many titles go to sh!t because of having to adhere to a business plan that has no room for evolution, if it came between market share.

So much crying, so many slim articles. I think it's time for Uncharted on Crushing to sooth my weary bones, after a long day of vigorous work.
I'm going to need the practice for Uncharted 2, ya'know? "

Less crying?

You can't even hide your bias in your own post because you say "we" indicating you mean the site in general represents Sony fans.

You think I care which side dominates the site? I don't. The site would be just as bad if more Halo nerds ran the site and every article was about how great the mediocre Halo 3 was but thankfully it isn't.

The point is the site is sickly biased, there is no intelligent discussion at all, and it's full of ignorant little kids. There has never been PS3 bashing in this site, and there never will be, because the contributors run the site, and dictate the flow of news.

You dealt with PS3 bashing for 2+ years on other sites because the PS3 deserved the bashing. They got their act together and have released good games and guess what, there's no more bashing. It's like you don't even question if Sony can do something wrong, do you see 360 owners complaining about the RROD? They accept it, Microsoft ****ed up horribly with that, and Sony ****ed up horribly with their launch.

Open your eyes man... video games are just video games, they shouldn't control your life.

ultimolu3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

And the button slamming begins when people cannot prove me wrong. Granted, Sony did make mistakes. Where have I ever implied that they didn't make mistakes?

Why don't the 360 faithfuls bash Microsoft for their shoddy hardware practices? Why do they praise the 360 night and day as if God himself made the console?

Believe whatever you want to believe. You're mad because the PS3 is starting to get some recognition despite Sony's mistakes.

A bunch of sad people you are.

HDgamer3765d ago

I ask for proof and you can't provide any, Wow now I really know you're not only delusional but ignorant.

MiloGarret3765d ago

N4G is great in many ways, interesting news, rumors etc all great stuff. Great entertainment in the comment section guaranteed if you can forget about logic and have the memory of a goldfish...

I'd give it a 10/10 but people like this ultimulu/juuken (only an example, there are worse) unfortunately bring it down to a 7. Seriously, get a grip.

BTW, N4G got 10... fistings? Damn, that's rough!

Nuuskamuikkunen3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Here are 12 random stories to get started. Though you could have found them yourself. I did say "Perhaps if you read N4G starting from the beginning, you would not appear so ignorant" Perhaps you were just lazy instead.

Don't worry I don't expect a response. It's not as if you would admit you were wrong anyway.

shadow27973765d ago

The author is obviously a fanboy. I constantly experience muddy textures, pop-in, and framerate issues. The story is generic and the controls are awkward. The characters are good, but they're rather two-dimensional and cliche. It would be nice if there was a little more character development. Also, I saw the twist coming from a mile away.

That said, the gameplay is fun, but I feel like there is too much variety.


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Pennywise3765d ago

I would give it High 8's to a 9.... But honestly, I used to have a list of sites I would go to get my gaming news. It would take a while to make sure I got it all and there was always a chance I missed something.

With N4G I dont have to go anywhere but here. When its news I want, I click the link. Who ever created this site - I thank you.

meepmoopmeep3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

best place for getting news and dumb articles, lol

u got owned3765d ago

@ meepmoopmeep

lololol, exactly.

Christopher3765d ago

Source of news: 9/10
Source of quality debates: 3/10
Source of fanboys: 8/10
Source of idiots: 6/10
Source of non-fanboys: 3/10

LordMarius3765d ago

10/10 of ten because of me

it will 15/10 if we didnt have all the RRoDbox stories ruining the front page

Light Yagami3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

The PS3 fanboys are so easy to troll here. Pretty funny and sad when you think about it.

Sunny_D3765d ago

Well, its hard to troll 360 news when there's barely anything new(s) for the past what? 2 years? Besides, there's stories of the 360 failures such as 54.2% failure rate or how about Mass Effect causing MASS DEFECT. LOL, were you in that article? Nope, because you were ashamed to even defend your xbutt 3sh^tty.

gambare3765d ago

do you remember too human?

DavidMacDougall3765d ago

Poor kid lol

Everytime he types something he just gets b!tch slapped for it.

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2FootYard3765d ago

This site is hilarious. !)/!).