Neocrisis: PS3 Slim vs. All Consoles

Neocrisis: The images compare the new PS3 Slim size with all the consoles that you can think of.

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Nitrowolf23760d ago

lol i thought they were only going to compare with wii and 360, but they really did ment all consoles

chaosatom3760d ago

it's quite amazing that they were able to fit it all in there!

jazzking20013760d ago

well the only thing they did not put into it was the B/C but if they wanted to they could have

Sibs3759d ago

Sorry, but that's what she said.

On Topic: Sorta funny they compared it to handhelds, didn't think they were comparable :P

ThanatosDMC3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Wow, all the gamers sites have PS3 news all over the place.

starvinbull3759d ago

You know I wasn't sold on the looks till reading (viewing) this article. When my girlfriend saw it she immediately said "lets get one for the spare room".
Good job Sony!

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sugard03760d ago

I predict a slimmer console to be released in 2013. I feel this due to the fact there is still some flat to trim and things can only get smaller, and they have released many different slim models for PSP so why not for PS3?

jazzking20013760d ago

if they can do it to the PSP which is X times much smaller than the PS3 then ya i think that is possible in the coming years

n4f3760d ago

well they could but the psp is cheaper than ps3 and has less to fit in compare to the ps3 which have a lot

Avenged Sevenfold3760d ago

Very smart move by Sony imho. Another SLIM is to be expected in the coming years since hardware may cheapen.

jazzking20013760d ago

but i think the main reason they took so long was that it took them a while to make the parts smaller

CryWolf3760d ago

Have anybody from any web site turn on the ps3 slim yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.