Madden NFL 10 (Playstation 3) Review - Playstation Insider

From PSI:

""Everything you see on Sunday, see it in Madden NFL". That was the theme at Tiburon when the game was being made as well as this year's headliner of "Every Yard Counts." When you start playing the game, you truly get the feeling that you are sitting in your easy chair and getting ready for 60 minutes of arm chair quarterbacking. The presentation of the games is nearly flawless. Picture the opening of any NFL game on TV and you'll understand how good this looks."

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Alcohog3766d ago

There are no cheerleaders in the game, so not everything. The presentation is pretty weaksauce in general. The halftime show is cringe worthy. Totally embarrassing. But I guess SOME presentation versus NO presentation = the second coming of Christ to Madden fans.