250 GB PS3 Slim already in production? writes:"So at GamesCon the PS3 was officially revealed. So whats next for the black beauty? If the FCC reports are to be believed than Sony are currently producing a new 250 GB ps3 slim."

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Tsar4ever013764d ago

DAMMIT, WHY COME OUT WITH ANOTHER BATCH OF MULTI SKU's If you want a Ps3 with a larger HDD, JUST swap out your 120gb and buy a much larger non-propietary HDD!! This is such pointless BULLS**T!!!

gameseveryday3767d ago

so folks, if this is released could be really huge for this gen i guess :)

Dellis3767d ago

LOL they got a plan and it is clear is this below

199.99 for the 120 gig, to push the Motion control buzz of 2010

299.99 for these 250 gig ones which will come at next years E3

darthv723767d ago

if the 250's are real and known about then people are going to want to know more about them. Price wise I am betting $399 and the 120's will remain at $299 at least for the first 6-8 months of production. Then maybe the bigger 250 will be lowered to 299.

Looking at the previous sku releases seems to make it look that way. 20 was replaced by 40 and sold at $399. 60 was replaced by 80 and sold at 499. Then they choose to replace 40 with 80 for 399 and previous 80 with 120/160 for $499.

Now the slim 120 is replacing the existing 80 for $299 which would mean the new 250 would be replacing the 160 at $399.

I think that is all of them...?

Isis063767d ago

399$ is to much for 130.Gb extra.

gameseveryday3767d ago

^^ well u never know whats up their sleeves, but this is certainly good news!

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