Retrodotal: Must Finish Okami!

TheGameReviews writes: "In retrospect, my relationship with Okami was more infatuation than true love. The design wasn't as tight as that of Zelda's, the puzzles too simple, the collectibles too useless, and the script too rambly. But it's easy to get cynical over what a game doesn't do. What Okami did was to look gorgeous, control well, tell a deceptively complex story, and innovate with its brush mechanics. More to the point, it was more than the sum of its parts. The hand-painted look of the game, the celestial brush controls, and the tale of a goddess reborn all complimented each other in creating the most wondrous virtual world ever committed to a disc."

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Viewtiful3764d ago

Yet highly overrated. A poorman's Zelda for those who are blinded by flashy graphics.

Alcon Caper3764d ago

I totally agree. I loved the game for the first 10 minutes and there were certainly parts that grabbed me, but overall, the enemies/fighting was a bit on the bland side.

The paintbrush idea was definitely one of a kind though. And the art style was unmatched.

It just got kinda old, in my opinion..

RememberThe3573764d ago

I loved every second of this game. I beat the game 3 times in a row. I'm thinking of going back and playing it again. Beautiful art style, gameplay, story telling, characters-all of it for me to love.

mr durand pierre3764d ago

I thought it got less old than Zelda as the plot, environments, and enemies stayed fresh throughout. The combat was way more in-depth too (though needlessly so. It didn't really help or hurt anything, but was a lot of fun and most of it was entirely optional, which I liked). The only thing I think Zelda did better was its puzzles, which was always the highlight of that particular series. But in terms of graphics, controls, writing, and characters, I found Okami to be the clear winner.

SirLarr3764d ago

How coincidental, I'm currently playing through Okami for the first time ever.

Unicron3764d ago

Great, but flawed title. I felt it was better than Twilight Princess but worse than Ocarina of Time.

mr durand pierre3764d ago

I disagree. I played OoT years after the fact and found it had aged rather poorly. TP seemed better in almost every way. Though it's a tough one between that and Okami. They each have different strengths and complement each other well.

bigjclassic3764d ago

but to each his own. Eventhough it plays similar to a Zelda title, this wasnt Zelda. Great game, i got it in my collection.

But Twilight Princess still punishes most games this gen, and last gen as well. Okami while great, was missing the classic storytelling and character development that was in LoZ:TP.

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The story is too old to be commented.