Tripwire Bringing Killing Floor To North America; L4D2 Beware

Blend Games writes:

"Valve may have the zombie, co-op shooter category all tied up nice and neat with Left 4 Dead and the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2. However, Tripwire Interactive has recently announced that the co-op zombie shooter for PC, Killing Floor, will be making its way to North America sooner than expected."

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Pandamobile3763d ago


This website is retarded...

I've had Killing Floor since May 14th. Why is this a threat to L4D2?

Both games are great, but they're incredibly different.

ThanatosDMC3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I've had Killing Floor since it was used as a UT2004 mod. Fun game. Great to play with stupid friends who'll try to get everybody killed.

I hate the new slomo thing they added. I also hate the fact that the enemies are easier to kill and dont actually swarm you like back in Killing Floor 2.0 (ut2004 mod). They changed way too many things from the original idea...

Just like Defense Alliance mod of UT1999 completely crapped out when they changed the original idea and made it Defense Alliance 2. Oh well, looks like Defense Alliance 3 (using the UT3 engine) will go back to it's roots in which the human team defends a place from waves of skaarj enemies for as long as possible.

STONEY43763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Huh? It became a Steam game? I only remembered it being a nice UT2004 mod.

betcha3763d ago

This game has been available on Steam for like the better part of this year. Unless Indiana no longer resides in North America.