Why Birth By Sleep is the Best Kingdom Hearts Title Yet

It was about two years ago at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show that Square Enix wowed audiences with the announcement of not one, but three brand new Kingdom Hearts titles. While there was great hype for all three of the newly announced titles, Kingdom Hearts Coded had a hushed response from North American audiences due to its release on mobile phones, effectively eliminating its chances for an international release, while 358/2 Days split the fan base with its oddly worded title, as well as its focus on specific characters that fans may or may not have loved. In reality, most of the hype was concentrated on a single title – Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – and it's obvious why. The title is clearly the true successor, or rather in this case precursor, to the series.

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The Great Melon3760d ago

Can't wait for this game. So many big games are coming out for the psp this year and next year. Hopefully when this is released, we'll find something out about Kingdom Hearts III.

iamtehpwn3760d ago

We can't even get Versus XIII.
Good luck getting KH3.

I welcome either or, very openly.

The Great Melon3760d ago

So true. It seems I tend to be looking forward mainly to the games that Nomura is behind. I don't mind waiting though if his upcoming games are going to reflect the quality of his previous titles.

kapedkrusader3760d ago

...with the PSP Go, GT Portable, Peacewalker, Kingdom Hearts and existing titles like GOW: Chains of Olympus that are pushing it's hardware and showing off it's capabilities.

ABizzel13760d ago

Birth by Sleep is the PSP title right, and is 358/2 is the DS version

qface643760d ago

i can tell you why right now

reason number 1
it doesn't have sora and that awkward voice in it