Ubisoft say Splinter Cell Conviction not achievable on PS3 at Current State

A Finnish magazine has recently scored an exclusive interview with Ubisoft regarding their up coming Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction. Here you can see some great looking screenshots and a tonne of information that is in Finnish. The main parts have been translated, and as you can see, the developers are saying this won't be possible on the Playstation 3 as it stands.

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Jacques VR5194d ago

Now finally, everybody can see that the PS3 sucks. I own a PS2 and a xbox 360. No game on the PS3 have yet impressed me. If one of the biggest game devolepors say that the PS3 is holding them back, how can people still doubt the xbox? Open your eyes sony fanboys.

kornbeaner5194d ago

Okay, EA said that the power of CELL is way greater then that found on the 360 Processors. So when the Biggest gaming company says that the PS3 has the most powerful processor in gaming today open your eyes.

This post sounds just as stupid as the one you posted.

dissectionalrr5194d ago

maybe they were referring to online functionality? or maybe the rsx couldn't hack it? who knows... all that's for sure is that, yes, cell is faster than xenon. but, as ps2 proved, the power of the cpu doesn't mean jack when it comes to making good games.

DeadlyFire5194d ago

The PS3 doesn't suck. As far as this game not being able to be done on PS3. I hate to say it but its just Ubisoft making up an excuse to not bring it to the PS3. The PS3 can easily do these graphics. Ubisoft just doesn't want to port the game from their base platform the X360. They might change that for the next Splinter Cell after this one though. I myself havn't liked Splinter Cell series that much so I don't care.

neogeo5194d ago

This post is to big. I herd you make a few good points about the systems specs, and I do agree with you about the programming on the 360 being a lot better on 360. After all before Microsoft built the 360 they asked the programmers what they wanted in a system and built it.
But I did want to correct you on some of the specs you stated.

10 mb EDRAM...
is nothing compared to the I/O controller in the PS3, they built a very fast system "Rambus flex IO" its much faster then the 10md EDRAM. It can pump 62.4 gigs per second between the cell/RSX.
fixing the bottle necking we see in todays PC's

Memory controller and I/O

The system interface used in Cell, also a Rambus design, is known as FlexIO. The FlexIO interface is organized into 12 "lanes," each lane being a unidirectional 8-bit wide point-to-point path. Five 8-bit wide point-to-point paths are inbound lanes to Cell, while the remaining seven are outbound. This provides a theoretical peak bandwidth of 62.4 GB/s (36.4 GB/s outbound, 26 GB/s inbound) at 2.6 GHz. The FlexIO interface can be clocked independently, typ. at 3.2 GHz. 4 inbound + 4 outbound lanes are supporting memory coherency.

you see the EDRAM is a very good idea for the graphics chip to processor memory, and is ofttimes pointed out as a plus over PS3's setup. Even Bill gates hyped it. Sony already has a better setup in the PS3 if you look at the link below you will see what I mean.

On to the Graphics Chip. RSX VS ATI/360

"The graphics processor in the Playstation 3 is NVIDIA-designed and is called RSX. How does it compare next to the 7800?

"The two products share the same heritage, the same technology. But RSX is faster," said Kirk." Nivida.

"Many people are wrong saying that "since 360 has 48 pipelines and the ps3 has 24, the graphics will be better on the ATIbegin"

Here is the truth.

Rsx pipelines
-24 shader pipelines.
-each pipeline produces 5.7 ops.{(shader operations per second)
-a total of 136 sops
ATI pipelines
-48 shader pipelines.
-each pipeline produces 2 ops
-a total of 96 sops.{(shader operations per second)

I'm tired now and feeling more geekey then ever.
BTW splinter cell look amazing regardless...

drtysouf215194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

First of all why all the fighting back and forth I would question the article to begin with. Its from a Finnish Magazine! Unless any one on here knows finnish and can read it and be honest about what it truly says word for word i ain't jumping the gun. We all know how translations get messed up for example the whole Walmart $300 HD-DVD ordeal. Even plain english articles get messed up for example The Daily Mail saying all those lies about how that God of War party happened with the goat. Come on guys your getting pissed by something that could have been translated incorrectly. Even if it was true who cares. There are games on PS3 that will come out that can't be done on the 360 and vice versa. The fact of the matter is i want developers to step up and make some great games that i can play on all my systems. I think exclusives on any system is a good choice so that developers can focus on making that game the best it could be. I'd much rather have a exclusive made to its full potential then a multi platform half heartedly done just for developers to get the most money out of it.

Seraphim5194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

the key word is how they say, "as it stands." Meaning they're just admitting they still have no clue how to program the PS3 and it's going to take time before they can achieve this. Understandably as the PS3 has been out for like 6 months while the 360 has been out for 1.5 years... Back to the comment. Which again, is nothing new considering it's coming from Ubisoft. It takes them YEARS to understand the Playstation and port/program games for it. So if anything this is just Ubi admitting that they have no idea, and talent when it comes to the Playstation brand. 3 years from now when Ubi finally grasps the power and talents of the PS3. Then they could achieve what they're doing in Splinter Cell. Shame on you Ubi on so many different levels...

predator5194d ago

Id rather ubi games than ea mate, at least there good

anh_duong5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

does anyone see a pattern here?? i clearly do:

if it is a ps3 excluse (lair, heavenly sword, mgs and ff) then the developers will say that it can't be done on an xbox360.

if it is an xbox360 exlusive (halo, splinter celll etc) then the developers will say it can't be done on ps3.

this is all propaganda bull by sony/microsoft. however, some people think they are so smart that only they can totally understand what is said by the studios. one day you guys will realise that you a merely foot soldiers in the war of viral marketing employed by the studios to sell their products. don't believe everything you are told. studios are brainwashing you. don't buy into the hype be that lair, heavenly sword, splinter cell or halo3. smart people are the ones who only buy once they actually tested the product. $60 dollars can be a lot of money for what i sometimes call blind alllegience.

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kingboy5194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

Metal gear solid 4 owns big time

tehcellownu5194d ago

Seriously its Ubisoft..lmao..they jus freaken pullin a joke remember splinter cell double agent.Xbots thought the graphics was amazing and turns out to be so bad..dude the pictures posted right now looks like sc double dont know how to code for the PS3 and they call themself devlopers..haha...I am goin to laughin so hard at the game when it comes out..MGS4 is so superior in terms of graphics gameplay and etc..Also so many devlopers already come out sayin the PS3 is much more of a power system but xbots always

RBlaze5194d ago

Isn't that 'little developer' called Ubisoft making a little game called 'Assassins Creed'? i sure know a lot of 360 and PS3 fans are looking forward to that one. So how can they not know how to code for the PS3? Also, can you really, truthfully, honestly take the words of EA, and not the words of Ubisoft? I mean come on man, EA aren't really a company to be singing from the rooftops about are they? I can name a handful of good games from them. You can't really say you believe the words of some developers, but not others, just to prove your point can you? Cause im pretty sure anyone could win an argument with that.

Kingboy, nothing against you mate. MGS4 will probably own, you're right. Though im sure you can't deny that SC is a reasonable series?

RuffRyder5194d ago

Doing their damage control.....

Everyone knows that Xbox 360 & PS3 has very different archietecture, there will be games on the 360 which cant be done on PS3 and viceversa. thats FACT.

Circa245194d ago

Could you explain this in a little more detail? I know the architecture of the Cell is a lot different than that of the 360 processor, but I never thought that it would be a weakness of the PS3.

Needless to say, I'm very surprised. I wish they could go more in depth about why.

RBlaze5194d ago

Its just because of how they both work. Everyone is fully aware that the PS3 is capable of lots, but at the moment developers are struggling a bit to make use of what the PS3 can do.
The 360 however is largely thought to be easy to make games for, and some companys say that there is more that can be done with the 360 then that which has already been achieved (Epic said that there was more that the 360 can do then Gears (which is stunning if u havent played it)).
All in all though, both consoles have advantages and disadvantages over eachother, contrary to the beliefs of a lot of people on this site. Im happy with my 360, and i recently had the chance to play a few PS3 games, which i thought were good (Also contrary to a lot of beliefs here, lol). Its all about personal preference, how you prefer your games and what you like and dislike. But dont go believing everything you read here about one console being so much better then the other, just take it as one console being stronger in certain aspects then another.

FeralPhoenix5194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

Well here we go, marketing at its best....just sounds like another dev "hyping" his game,....-lol, they make SC: DA on both consoles, but then when the next installment is "exclusive" for some reason they can't "achieve what they're doing with the game on the 360 on the ps3 even if it was ps3 exclusive". -Ouch, those are pretty harsh words but honestly I find that hard to believe, and although I respect Kojima, I'm willing to bet that there won't be anything about MGS4 that can't be made for the 360, on more than 1 disc if neccessary. -It's all good, I'm a big fan of both franchises and fortunately whenever they arrive I'll be playing them on my 360 and PS3.....And so the "War" continues, -Its a Good time to be a Gamer.

THAMMER15194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

This article is going make allot PS3 fans come in this comments thread just to add retarded comments for no reason.