Rumor: Cross-Game Voice Chat for PS3 After All?

Broke down the post made by member "Super_Secret" to see how much truth was in his story. Its actually a LOT, and he made claims about Cross-Game Voice Chat as well.

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Wakka_3770d ago

Barely? No wonder it's free.

ToastyMcNibbles3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

who cares..we'll get it eventually... everyone needs to relax with the cross game chat rumors and what not... get people excited and then when it doesnt show up they get pissed... be happy you can actually play awesome games online like killzone 2 or littlebigplanet to name a few and for free!... im not saying we dont need it because chat is essential in an online experience but just chill and find some other things to do.. like play games!

besides i think if voice chat was in the update im pretty sure they would have announced it but who knows

randomwiz3770d ago

says the hypocrite complaining about ps3 fanboys in 360 articles

chaosatom3770d ago

more than we need cross-game chat.

Lifendz3770d ago

Don't be mad. It's not our fault MS is charging 50.00 a year. But yeah, cross game is definetely in the works. I'm fine with PSN as is. What I really want is custom avatars but I guess that's never happening. Hopefully these avatars coming in 3.0 will be awesome.

FamilyGuy3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

You sure do have a lot of bubbles for someone who would make a comment like that :/

You might want to clarify what you mean because, as most are taking it for: "Barely getting cross game voice chat? No wonder PSN is a free service"

I'm pretty sure that IS what you meant, but why the FVCK do you have so many bubbles? LOL

"What I really want is custom avatars but I guess that's never happening. Hopefully these avatars coming in 3.0 will be awesome."

Of all the things to be cheap about why avatars? (PS3 icons next to our profiles, not 360s) It's just a small image, maybe they just don't want to get complains about explict avatar images. Still sucks that they actually plan to sell "premium" avatars. They're like 1inch pictures even on my 47in tv.

p3rf3ctgam3r3770d ago

Personally ... I really could care less about cross-game chat. I like chatting in the game I am in and I would love it if more people chatted in-game for strategic reasons and even a little trash talking.

I think the only reason cross-game chat has been such a hot topic is because the other console has it, and the supporters of that other console think they have a leg up on PSN because they have it.

I'm hardly say anything on this board (usually just read) but I will say this, not everyone once cross-game chat.

With that said, I'd like to hear what you guys (PS3 Owners and others) think are the reasons we should look forward to this feature?

ultimolu3770d ago

Whining about PS3 fans on 360 articles when you're in a PS3 article, ya?

Isn't that hypocritical, ya? How about growing up for a change, ya?

Douwantit3770d ago

Believe it when i see it, been saying that for years now.

2Spock3770d ago

Well the thing is not so much cross-game chat. What it enables you to do is start a party chat (Cross game chat as people say) and leave it open to friends and then can jump in and join your session in progress and bam you are most of the time on the same team and you can chat. And you didn't even have to do anything, no game chat or no waiting in lobby or no need to invite so on and so forth. Me personally i love this feature cause it gives people that opportunity to join someones party and say what you have to say then leave instead of messaging back and forth

Tony999Montana3770d ago

The PS3 slim name prediction is NOT "unconfirmed". Gamesradar have posted an article, "12 things you don't know about PS3 Slim", which clearly states that nowhere on the box or console does it say PS3 slim. He was right about this, the name is unofficial.

Also consider that none of the preview videos (as far as I know) have shown the redesigned friends list. Why? Because they're waiting to reveal some other features in that department. It's legit.

3770d ago
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Nitrowolf23770d ago

I am going to trust this guy considering he was right about the other things

3770d ago
Christopher3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I think this is the part where he's wrong.

Specifically the fact that new PS3 Slims will not come with 3.0 installed, since they will be manufactured, boxed, and shipped prior to the official and completely tested release of 3.0. New owners will have to upgrade to the latest firmware just like everyone else. This was mentioned at GC09.

Also, it's highly unlikely that they wouldn't have mentioned the inclusion of cross-game chat at GC09 if it wasn't ready to go in September. This type of functionality is not something you get working only a week before release and rush through testing. It's something you keep in testing with tons of participants and devices for at least a month, fixing and re-releasing builds on a fairly rapid release schedule for continued, long-duration testing.

gambare3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Super_Secret spoiled some stuff... but not all.

He spilled the beans about many secret stuff but he's not the only one, but he hasn't given all, the FW 3.00 is the base of the new connection servers capable of handling Xchat and party rooms, and some other stuff tipped in the 2.80 FW.

But we won't see nothing of it until the TGS

Is not that he's wrong, he simply didn't had the full reports, the implementation of the Xchat will be managed later because it had disconnection problems just like the external chat room (for some or many)

TheHater3770d ago

-It's still replaceable and will actually be slightly easier as it has been relocated to the front of the console [UNCONFIRMED]
That is confirmed. Watch the IGN video on the unboxing of the SLIM

-It still has wireless [UNCONFIRMED]
It still has wireless and was also confirmed by several gaming site that got the SLIM

-Internally, several daughter boards have been removed, but all functionality is still there [UNCONFIRMED]
How do you think the production price was cut by 70%? Several components has been removed.

- It wont be called the "PS3 Slim". The PS1 "slim" and the PS2 "slim" were never officially called the "slim", either.[UNCONFIRMED]
No slim anywhere on the box

Christopher3770d ago

Production costs are reduced by -

- using smaller chipsets
- using buttons instead of heat-sensitive touch pads
- using the latest and cheapest BD drive
- using smaller fans to go along with the new and less-heat prone chipsets
- using cheaper material for the casing on the top and bottom
- promising a certain number of production goals to lower long-term costs

Ri0tSquad3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

"It still has wireless [UNCONFIRMED]"

It's already been confirmed it has Wi-fi. Here's proof.

Look at the symbol missing from the 20gb PS3.

The symbol is still there on the slim ps3.

sugard03770d ago

I believe!!! I BELIEVE!!!

Jump in so you can Play B3yond!